4 Favorite Things for Spring (+ My Team’s Picks)

How can you not love spring?

We spent a couple of days in Las Vegas with my parents and my sister over spring break and now we’re enjoying some warmer weather (finally!).

Here are some of my favorite things right now (plus some picks from my team!).

This was a new addition to my spring workout wardrobe (from Senita’s Love Story collection) and I LOVE it. Green isn’t my normal choice of colors but I took a chance on it and I love it! It’s the perfect cropped length, has a built-in bra which makes it so nice for an all-in-one piece and has such a flatter neck and shoulder cut. (If you’re new to Senita, you can use my code JANSSEN for 10% off).

olive and june cuticle balmCUTICLE BALM
I’ve always suffered from dry skin and this cuticle balm is A+. I keep it in my bedside drawer and put it on at night before I go to bed and it’s kept my cuticles in better shape than they’ve ever been in cold/cool months. I’m a super fan.


soom chocolate tahiniSOOM CHOCOLATE TAHINI
I bought this on a whim in a recent Thrive Market order and it’s SO GOOD. I’ve been mostly eating it as a dip with apples and it has such a smooth texture plus little pops of sea salt. It’s the perfect little afternoon snack or post-dinner treat that satisfies my sweet tooth without making me feel like garbage. Amazon sells it too, but it’s more expensive there.



lucky brand slip onsLUCKY BRAND SHOES
My two main pairs of spring shoes are both getting pretty beaten down from multiple years of hard wear, so I was on the lookout for something new and this pair was an instant new closet staple. It’s hard for me to find shoes that are immediately comfortable and these ones surprised me out of the box with how soft and comfortable they were. They’re easy to dress up or down and a perfect neutral color (I have them in tan!).

And here’s what my team is loving!


My kids are constantly doing art projects, which means they love all of the art supplies. I’ve tried a bunch of different methods to keep our crayons, scissors, glue sticks and markers organized, but nothing has really stuck until I saw this rotating art supply organizer and it has been a game changer! We have something different in each compartment – glue sticks, markers, colored pencils, crayons, scissors, twistables, and pens/pencils in the last one to give you an idea. I love being able to pull everything out at once – no more pulling out ten different containers. It’s so nice to be able to see everything without digging around for the right color and my kids love how each bin is removable if they only want markers! I love this thing!


workout topWorkout Top
I just got this workout top from Amazon and I am so impressed with it for the price! I’m a little bit of a fabric snob- and this top passes with flying colors! It is a nice thick ribbed fabric and has built in padding. I have a lot of workout clothes from various price points and this is going to be a clear winner – I’m already considering ordering it in several more colors. It pairs really great with high waisted leggings.



Hatch Rest - Smart Sleep Device DEFAULT PDPTime-to-Rise Clock/Light
Even though my boys have had the Hatch Rest in their room for the last 2 years, I realized right after having daylight savings time that I LOVE this thing. With two toddlers (4 and 18 mo.) who can’t quite understand clocks, or the time change, the Hatch makes it easy for them to know when it’s still sleeping time and when it’s time to wake up. Since they love cars, I have the app programmed to have the light red for “stop, stay in bed” during sleeping time, and the light will turn green when it’s time to “go” and get up. I love that it also functions as their sound machine too.


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