What I’ll Be Doing for the Next Three Months

One of my goals for 2011 was to be a judge for the Cybils (if you’re not familiar with the Cybils, they are book awards given out by book bloggers for children and young adult books in many different categories).

I was on the second round panel for non-fiction picture books in 2009, and then didn’t get a spot last year, so I was incredibly happy to make the cut this year.

I’m on the non-fiction picture book first round panel, which means that I’ll be reading every book that is nominated (you can see the list of nominations thus far here and you can also nominate a book if you’re so inclined, in any category you choose; I nominated Falling for Hamlet in the YA category) and helping the other panelists come up with a list of 5-7 finalists that will go on to the second round panel which will select a winner.

There are some really fun books on the list and I’m enjoying all the diversity (history! biography! science! food! animals!).

Last night, after Ella was in bed, I went over to the library and maxed out my library card with non-fiction picture books. Not a bad way to spend an evening (especially because the children’s section of the library is deserted at 8:45 at night).

One of the reasons I wanted to do picture books this year is so that I could read the nominees with Ella. Poor girl, she’s going to wonder why we can’t just read The Lion and the Mouse over and over again.

And poor you – I’ll be reviewing some of the books as I work my way through them. Prepare yourself.

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  1. I was excited to see that you were going to be on the panel this year! Enjoy!

    How did I miss Falling for Hamlet? I've now added it to my to-read list – and I'm sure my 15yo daughter will enjoy it too.

  2. Good for you getting on the panel. Looking forward to your reviews. Ella will just have to broaden her horizons. 🙂 (Good luck with that.)

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