Joules Rain Boots

If there’s anything you think of when you think of London, it’s rain.

Which means that Ella has been asking for rain boots for MONTHS (I specifically remember a few meltdowns back in August when we were traveling around with Bart’s parents because she didn’t have rain boots yet – never mind that every one of these meltdowns came about on brilliantly clear and sunny days where the need for rain boots was not evident).

Happily, by the time rain really started showing up in London, Ella had her rain boots.

Little Girl Wellies

Kid Wellies

And it goes without saying that if ELLA was getting a pair of rain boots, I needed a pair of rain boots too. (I should have gotten two pairs of rain boots because I didn’t throw a single tantrum about rain boots at any point during the year).

Also, for several years, I’ve been totally in love with the idea of living in Oregon or Seattle (mainly because I loved Seattle so so much when we went there two years ago), but Bart has been decidedly uninterested because of the rain factor.

And now that it’s been rainy here for all of three weeks, I’ve lost any desire to live somewhere rainy. When we went to Barcelona last weekend, I couldn’t believe how giddy all the sunshine made me feel. So I’ve officially struck the Pacific Northwest from my list of places I’m dying to live. Bart is quite relieved.

Joules Women's Rainboots


Joules Wellies

Joules Rainboots

Adult and Kid Rain Boots

On Me:
Jacket: Old Navy
Dress: Twice (not maternity, but it’s saving my life because it’s so stretchy)
Necklace: Bip & Bop
Tights: similar
Boots: c/o Joules
Umbrella: similar

On Ella:
Sweater: Old Navy
Dress: Primark
Boots: c/o Joules

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  1. Believe it or not, where we live in upstate New York has as many overcast days as the Pacific northwest. It was shocking to me, moving here from Arizona. I don't like bright sun much, so it's okay for me, but the days when the sun does come out certainly are the days when I'm most productive. When it's cloudy I want to just huddle up by the woodstove with a cup of tea. But when the sun comes out, I'm all "Let's clean the whole house and rake all the leaves!"

    Obviously, I would be a much better housekeeper if I still lived in Arizona.

  2. I grew up by Portland, OR and am now in Vegas with my little family (your mom and dad's stake actually.). Going back, the cloud cover makes me claustrophobic! As great as it would be to live near my side of the family, I think I'll stick to my little corner of Vegas.

  3. I'm actually a transplant to Seattle from Texas and I really don't think the rain is that bad. Of course, the summers here are absolutely amazing. Fall and spring have a bit of rain, but also beautiful foliage – changing leaves in the fall and cherry trees and tulips in the spring. And then winter is when the gray really hits, but at least it's not that cold and I'd take light rain over snow any day! Plus, for the tech industry, it's way more affordable and family friendly than California. My husband works for Microsoft and they give you one month of paid paternity leave with each baby!

  4. Love Joules boots! They also have the cutest clothes, kind of similar to Bodena and mini Boden. The nice thing about a great pair of rain boots is that they can substitute for snow boots in many parts of the U.S. that doesn't see too much snow!

  5. Your Joules wellies are SO CUTE! And so are Ella's! London is definitely the perfect place to invest in a pair of gumboots 🙂 I feel like I should apologise that it's been so horribly rainy these past few weeks…looks like we'll have a dry weekend though! *crosses fingers*

  6. I do live in Oregon, therefore I desperately need these boots! (I shan't have a tantrum though 🙂 ). The rest of the year is so pretty I can deal with the rain, but we all (my students in particular) get super giddy when we get sunny days in winter.
    Also, I just read All About Ella–so, so very funny!
    And the pair of you are so super cute!

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