Weekend S’mores

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One of my favorite things in the entire world is s’mores. Which is strange because I don’t really like marshmallows (also. . . I feel like the entire world is all, “HOMEMADE MARSHMALLOWS ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN STORE-BOUGHT” but, actually, they taste exactly the same to me. Except that I feel obliged to pretend I like them). Frankly, I’m not a huge fan of graham crackers either.

Or chocolate.

(That last sentence? Was a lie. I am an enormous fan of chocolate).

Somehow, though, when you put them all together, I could eat three or four. In fact, many many evenings, I make myself one in the microwave. But it’s not as good as a fire-cooked one.

Anyway, our apartment complex has a big fireplace/pit thing and having a fire and making s’mores on the weekend is one of my absolute favorite activities. With our departure from Texas fast approaching, we definitely needed to have at least one more s’mores party.

Of course, last week, the temperatures were also astronomically high, so we had to swim first because standing in front a fire when it’s that hot outside is unpleasant even when you ARE soaking wet. It’s unfathomable when you’re fully dressed and dry.

I snapped a few pictures (and a little video of Ella) and put them together with the Story App. And if you need to go get a s’more first to eat while you watch, I won’t blame you at all.

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  1. While I didn't get my s'more to look at your story, I did make myself one a little later in the morning. Somewhat soggy graham crackers and stale marshmallows (which should not be thin and rectangular) were helped by the dark Dove chocolate (even though it was left over from Valentine's Day). Anyway, I downloaded the app and recommended it to a few other people with younger children. It looks as though 8-9ish kids could do it pretty easily.

  2. Very cute. I loved it. And I, too, have been thinking about S'mores, despite the heat. Though we don't have a pool, maybe we could get out the squirt guns and spray bottles or turn on the sprinklers and then get out the Volcano and start a fire on the patio. I may need to make a trip to the store for the secret ingredient though. I can see that it might take s'mores to a new level.

  3. This is the cutest thing! Your little ones are so cute!! And now I am severely needing some smores…

  4. S'mores with peanut butter cups will change your life, if they haven't already. I have a hard time going back to "regular" S'mores now.

    (Although, Nutella, a slice of banana, and a marshmallow are a close second.)


  5. I love that story app but I don't have an iphone. Does anyone know of a good alternative for a plain old laptop or computer?

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