Things I’ve Learned about Parenting from My Dad

My mom says that when people ask her what the secret to her parenting success is (what me? a parenting success? Why, thank you), she responds, “Marry someone who is a really good dad.”

My dad? He’s a really good dad.


Now that I’m a parent, I’m trying to follow his example. Here are a few things I remember about his parenting style:

  • Say “Yes” as often as possible
  • Don’t even think about letting your kids play you against the other parent
  • Teach your children to work
  • Let your children hear you speak well of them to other people
  • Make work a game
  • Don’t tease
  • Take your child’s interests seriously
  • Don’t be too busy to talk to your kids, especially late at night
  • Be strict about a few things that matter a lot and laid back about most other things
  • Tickle your kids, but stop while it’s still fun
  • Let your children see you be involved in things that are interesting and important to you
  • Your child won’t know how much you love them until they have children of their own
Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I love you!


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  1. I'm just a lurker on your blog (my son and daughter-in-law are friends of yours), but I can't help but notice you married someone who looks a lot like your dad. That's a tribute in itself!

  2. All of them…. So true!!!!!! And we pretty much follow them.

    And yes—Ella totally looks like you!

  3. Yes Ella looks like you but you also look just like your dad!

    My dad was awesome, too. Someday I need to write up all the crazy things he taught me. It might require a whole book though!

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