Star: 3 Months

I can’t believe this baby is only three months old. I feel like she’s been part of our family forever.

Star Three Months-001

Rocking Chair // Sheepskin // Pillow // Jammies

A few noteworthy things:
  • When she’s tired, she puts her hands over her eyes and then usually falls asleep like that. It’s only the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. 
  • She sleeps through the night about half the time. With my previous children, I probably would have been feeling super irritated about the nights she didn’t sleep through, but I’m more laid back now. 
  • She is very social. She doesn’t like to be alone for very long, but if she has someone next to her, even if you aren’t paying any attention to her, she’s much happier. 
  • The chicken legs are totally gone now. She’s all chunky thighs. 
  • She does not like to be hot. When we were at the beach she was fine, but once we came inside, she cried and cried and couldn’t be soothed until we took her jammies off. Then she fell asleep in two seconds flat. 
  • It looks like I might finally get myself a brown-eyed baby. I love my blue-eyed girls, but it’d be fun to not be the only brown-eyed girl around here. 
A few people have asked me recently if I ever forget I have three children (especially since she’s almost always asleep if we go somewhere), but actually I am more likely to have all three of them with me and feel like I’m still missing one. 
This baby is such a dream, I can’t imagine not wanting at least one more.

3 Month photo

Three month baby

3 Month old baby

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  1. I do that all the time, stopping to mentally count all the boys, even if they're all right in front of me. Paranoid, I guess.

    I also catch myself thinking, "I could totally handle another one of these awesome babies . . ." But then I remember that another baby is not guaranteed to be as awesome as this third child, and if I got a high-maintenance baby for number 4, I probably would not be able to deal very well. Plus, I don't much relish the idea of being pregnant again.

  2. She is such a doll! I'm the opposite of you. I've been the only blue-eyed person at my house, until now. My 3 month old has the prettiest blue eyes. I'm hoping they stay! My husband and daughter have beautiful golden brown eyes. I tease my husband and call him Edward (Twilight), but he doesn't think it's very funny!

  3. Oh my goodness! She is so so precious! I love everything about these photos, especially that adorable chubby face!

  4. I do the same thing (think I'm missing a kid when I have all 3 with me)! Yes, yes, you should totally have another one or ten. You obviously pass on very nice genes. What a doll baby!

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