If You Like Sophie Kinsella, Try These Authors

I clearly remember reading Sophie Kinsella for the first time.

I was in college, working an office job during the summer, and someone on the team brought in her books and was lending them around to everyone else in the office.

When it was my turn to take the first one (Confessions of a Shopaholic) for the weekend, it happened to be a weekend I was traveling with my dad to a speaking engagement. He got up early to go give his presentation and I stayed snuggled up in my hotel bed for HOURS.

I hadn’t done a lot of reading for fun during those years because of high school and college course work, so it felt absolutely luxurious to just read for the sheer fun of it.

I’ve been a Sophie Kinsella fan ever since and have read most of her books multiple times (you can see how I rank all her books here!).

If you’re also a Sophie Kinsella fan and want some other authors to try out, here are some of my favorite Sophie Kinsella readalikes!

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Elle Cosimano
When I first read Finlay Donovan Is Killing It a few years ago, I immediately thought “this is what a Sophie Kinsella book would look like if it were a murder mystery!” This is my #1 pick for a Sophie Kinsella read-alike!

Janette Rallison
Her books give me exactly the same feelings as Sophie Kinsella’s – ridiculous scenarios, laugh-out-loud moments, and swoony love stories. I’ve never read a Janette Rallison book I didn’t enjoy, but I particularly loved A Longtime (and at one point Illegal) Crush and An Unexpected Boyfriend for Christmas.

Beth O’Leary
I’ve read most of Beth O’Leary’s books and frankly only one of them has held up for me, but The Flatshare is a DELIGHT  – witty banter, deeply romantic, and more depth. That book snagged a spot on my Summer Reading Guide in 2020 and I’m dying to revisit it!

Melissa Ferguson
She writes clean romance with lots of mishaps and funny dialogue – I don’t think her writing is as hilarious as Sophie Kinsella but they’re definitely fun romance reads. My favorites are How to Plot a Payback (lots of screwball situations in this one that remind me of Sophie Kinsella) and Meet Me in the Margins.

Sophie Cousens
I just read her book The Good Part a few months ago and totally got the Sophie Kinsella vibes on it. Now I need to work my way through her backlist!

Hester Browne
I haven’t read a Hester Browne book in YEARS but I blew through her whole Little Lady Agency series around the same time I was devouring Sophie Kinsella books, and they’re just so fun, silly, and romantic.

Katherine Center
If you love a good love story and hilarious dialogue, Katherine Center is for you. It’s no surprise that both of these authors are among my favorites! My favorite Katherine Center books are The Bodyguard, Things You Save in a Fire, and The Rom-Commers.

Lynn Painter
I think Lynn Painter’s YA romance is way better than her adult ones (her adult ones are a bit much for me) and I LOVED Better Than the Movies which I included on my Summer Reading Guide in 2021. 

Sarah Adams
Sarah Adams’ books aren’t quite as laugh-out-loud funny as Sophie Kinsella but they’re perfect summer reads. My favorites have been When in Rome and The Cheat Sheet.

Emily Giffin
She’s hit or miss for me, but her first book Something Borrowed is a standout romance for me. I first read it 15 years ago and I still love it. Funny, smart, and a good dash of “who knows how this is going to work out?”

Abby Jimenez
Abby Jimenez does a great job with the “romance with substance” books, plus she gets an A for witty banter. (Note that her books are more open-door than Sophie Kinsella’s). My favorites have been The Happy Ever After Playlist, Part of Your World and Yours Truly.

Catherine Walsh
I read her super popular book Holiday Romance last year and I can see the similarities to Sophie Kinsella – oddball situations, UK setting, and snappy dialogue! Perfect holiday pick.

Melanie Jacobson
I read Kiss the Girl a few years ago on a plane and it was everything I want in a fun, sweet romance. Witty banter, unlikely scenarios and a swoony (totally closed-door) romance.



I also asked on Instagram for more suggestions for Sophie Kinsella readalikes and here are some of the author suggestions that came up that I HAVEN’T read!

Any other suggestions for Sophie Kinsella books that are similar? I’m all ears!

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  1. I love Sophie Kinsella’s books!
    May I suggest as well:
    – Lucy Parker (British) recommended by Anne Bogel
    – Sophia Money Coutts (very British)
    – Julie Caplin (I read every book in the Romantic Escapes Serie)
    – Anna Premoli (Accidently in love is my favorite one but I like all her books)
    – Miss Fortune Serie by Jana DeLeon (Hilarious on Audio)

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