If You Like Katherine Center, Try These Authors

One of my favorite new-to-me authors in the last few years has been Katherine Center.

She writes delight romance books that both crackle with witty banter and have a depth to them that goes beyond many romance novels.

(If you’re looking to try out a Katherine Center novel, I did a ranking of all her books I’ve read here)!

As I’ve talked about her books over the past few years – they’ve shown up on my Summer Reading Guides and in Everyday Reading Book Club – I’ve had increased requests for other authors like Katherine Center).

Here are some suggestions to keep your reading queue full!

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If You Like Katherine Center Books, Try These Authors

Emily Henry
Emily Henry is probably the most obvious readalike author to Katherine Center. Emily Henry is more popular than Katherine Center, but frankly I’d pick a Katherine Center book every day over Emily Henry. Her books are much more open-door than Katherine Center’s and I don’t think have quite the same sparkling dialogue and pacing that makes me love Katherine Center, but definitely solid choices. My favorites are Book Lovers and Happy Place.

Sarah Adams
Sarah Adams is a GREAT readalike author here. Her books tend to be a little more light-hearted and I don’t like them quite as much as Katherine Center, but they’re perfect summer reads. My favorites have been When in Rome and The Cheat Sheet. Like Katherine Center, Sarah Adam’s books don’t tend to have on-screen sex scenes.

Katherine Reay
The only book I’ve read by Katherine Reay is Dear Mr. Knightley, but it’s definitely a good choice for this list – funny and sweet and romantic.

Elin Hildebrand
I like Elin Hildebrand because her books tend to have more heft to them, instead of just totally fluffy. I’d say they’re less funny and more dense than Katherine Center’s books, but I usually enjoy reading 1-2 of them per summer! My favorites are Golden Girl and Summer of ’69

Beth O’Leary
I’ve read most of Beth O’Leary’s books and frankly only one of them has held up for me, but The Flatshare is a DELIGHT and a terrific readalike for Katherine Center – witty banter, deeply romantic, and more depth. That book snagged a spot on my Summer Reading Guide in 2020.

Rainbow Rowell
Her book, Attachments, is one of my all-time favorite books. It’s so romantic, SUCH good banter, and a lot of substance. I’ve read this one multiple times and love it every single time. Her books Landline and Fangirl are also excellent.

Sophie Cousens
I just read Sophie Cousens’ book The Good Part a few weeks ago and she definitely stands up as a Katherine Center readalike, although I don’t find her books AS charming and funny as Katherine Center.

Abby Jimenez
Abby Jimenez does a great job with the “romance with substance” books, plus she gets an A for witty banter. Like Emily Henry books, they’re more open-door than Katherine Center. My favorites have been The Happy Ever After Playlist, Part of Your World and Yours Truly.

Kerry Winfrey
Her first book, Waiting for Tom Hanks, made me want to tear my hair out, but I really enjoyed Very Sincerely Yours and would happily recommend it as a Katherine Center readalike!

Liane Moriarty
Her recent books tend to be more mystery/thrillers but her book What Alice Forgot is a spot-on romance with substance book for me. I’ve read it multiple times and I just love it so so much.

Linda Holmes

Her book Evvie Drake Starts Over was a summer reading guide book a few years ago and I love her witty dialogue and heartfelt storylines with substance. If my memory serves, it’s more open-door than Katherine Center. I also enjoyed (although not QUITE as much) her book Flying Solo.

Emily Giffin
She’s hit or miss for me, but her first book Something Borrowed is a standout romance for me. I first read it 15 years ago and I still love it. Funny, smart, and a good dash of “who knows how this is going to work out?”

I also asked on Instagram for more suggestions for Katherine Center readalikes and here are some of the author suggestions that came up that I HAVEN’T read!

Any other suggestions for Katherine Center readalikes? I’m all ears!

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  1. “books like Katherine Center” is apparently my favorite genre because I have read all or nearly all the books by all the authors on your list. Hahahaha, not all on the add-ons from Instagram though so will have to try some of those!

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