A Love Letter to My BB Cream

My #1 makeup product is this BB Cream from Shine Cosmetics – it’s affordable, easy to apply, and has SPF in it! Use the code JANSSEN10 for 10% off 

I wear makeup every single day, but my goal is to always keep it very simple and streamlined!

I spend about 5-7 minutes doing my makeup and I use the same products pretty much every time. Which means I REALLY want them to do their job well and make my life easy.

If I had to choose a single favorite makeup product, it would be – hands down – the Shine Cosmetics BB Cream.

best bb cream

I bought a tube of it almost exactly five years ago and I was instantly a convert. It gives me exactly what I want out of a BB cream and is basically a perfect product.

I wear the Shine Cosmetics BB Cream alone – no primer underneath, no foundation, no powder, no setting spray – and it looks great all day.

I DO put on a facial sunscreen beneath it (this tinted one from Hero Cosmetics is my favorite) every morning.

The Shine Cosmetics BB Cream gives great, even coverage without being cakey or thick and just looks terrific, day after day, plus bonus points for ALSO having SPF too for a little extra protection. That double layer of sunscreen means I legitimately never get burned on my face, even when we’re out on the lake or skiing or outdoors all day when we travel.

The BB cream is also buildable if you want more coverage.

I love that it never feels stiff or dry – it legitimately feels like I have nothing on my skin but it looks flawless.

I use the color Awaken and because it’s a BB cream rather than a full-coverage foundation, it works for me year round, including when I’m more tan in the summer and more pale in the winter.

Shine Cosmetics also has PHENOMENAL color matching – if you send them a DM on instagram (@ShineCosmetics) or use the live chat on their website, they’ll help you pick the right color for your skin tone (and they are VERY good at it!).

Best of all, the Shine Cosmetics BB cream lasts FOREVER. I wear it every single day and a tube lasts me about six months.

I apply it with their foundation brush which makes it go on so smoothly – highly recommend you snag one of those too! The Shine brushes are made of eco-friendly bamboo plus they are anti-bacterial which is super helpful if you’re acne prone or have sensitive skin.

And of course I have an affiliate coupon code for Shine cosmetics – use the code JANSSEN10!

P.S. They have free shipping over $50, so if you’re trying to hit that threshold either grab two or add a lipgloss – they’re so good! (My favorites are Jewel and Charity).

And if you have any questions about the best BB Cream or other Shine Cosmetics products, let me know and I’m happy to help!

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  1. That eyeshadow you have in the picture is my favorite. And the contour palette. Just love a simple easy routine that makes you look and feel like a million bucks!

  2. I just got this and was so excited. It checked all my boxes and the color matching they did via chat was spot on. However, I don’t know if I can stand to wear it. I’ve used it for 2 days and it smells SO MUCH. Like overwhelmingly scented. I got nose blind to it after a few hours, but when my husband arrived home and kissed me on the cheek he totally noticed it and he has a not great sense of smell so it’s not just me. I wish they’d make it without the old lady smell. 😭

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