Shiny Gold Minted Christmas Cards

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One big plus of moving as much as we have is that we now get a LOT of Christmas cards.

Last year, we filled up both of the arches in our entry way, and it made me happy all month long to see the faces of friends and family spread all over the country, from Boston to North Carolina to Texas to Utah.

Last year, it was kind of a scramble to get family photos taken, but this year we had family photos taken at our home in October and then a few weeks later in California, we had photos taken with my family that included shots of our individual family.

So this year, when it came time to order our Christmas cards, we had plenty of options to choose from.

We ended up using a shot from our California shoot because, as Bart said, “How often do you have photos where you’re wearing a tux?”

Minted Christmas cards

I’ve always loved Minted Christmas cards, and every year, when I collect cards at the mailbox, I can tell without even opening the card which ones are from them.

They have so many beautiful details, like the beautiful printing on the envelopes and the metallic foils, and nobody makes nicer paper than they do.

This year, I knew months ago that I wanted to do Minted Christmas cards, so I was delighted when they offered to partner with me for our family Christmas cards this year.

Right after Thanksgiving, Bart and I sat down to pick out a design for our card, and we knew immediately we wanted one of the gold foil ones. It just was such a nice match with our dressy photo, plus there’s something about Christmas that makes me want gold everything.

minted foil christmas cards

Minted Christmas Cards

I also love that you can choose your photo and they’ll show it in every Minted Christmas card preview so you know right off the bat if the card design works for your photo or if the printing will go right over your darling child’s face. It makes scrolling through all the options much less overwhelming.

When possible, I always like our cards to have a little letter/update on them (even though I find it very stressful to actually figure out what to include in that update), plus Bart and I were both dying to use this photo of Star driving that car, so we added a photo and a little blurb about each of us to the back of the card.

minted letterpress christmas cards

And I love how there are so many simple ways to customize your cards, from personalized stamps to the skinny wrap return address labels.

Also, I very much doubt I will ever order cards again in my life that don’t include envelope addressing. I don’t love my handwriting, plus addressing by hand takes forever. We created a spreadsheet of all our Christmas card addresses back in 2009 and each year, we just cruise through it, update as needed, and then we’re good to go.

With Minted Christmas cards, you can upload that spreadsheet straight into their system and your envelopes will come all pre-addressed and ready to send (and if you have names that you’re waiting on addresses for, you can just have the name printed for those ones and add the addresses when they arrive).

And then once mine are in the mail, I can just sit back and watch all the other Christmas cards arrive. (If you haven’t ordered Christmas cards yet, it’s not too late! You have until the 13th to order them and still have time to get them out to your recipients by Christmas!).

minted photo christmas cards

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  1. So…did our name get added back to your address list, because we would love to get one of these darling cards…as Bart said, how often do you get one with tuxes (and Star in the car is to die for). Love to all.

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