4 July Favorites (+ My Team’s Picks)

We are deep in the throes of summer right now – there are swimsuits constantly hanging up to dry, the car is like an oven when we get in (hazards of not having a garage), and the days are long and a little bit lazy.

I love it so much and I don’t want it to end!

Here are four things I’m loving right now (plus my team’s picks below!):

4 July Favorites

Color Block Swimsuit
I ordered my first Summersalt swimsuit this summer after seeing literally years of ads for them and they live up to they hype! One of the ones I ordered was this color blocked one which I bought specifically for our many lake and boat outings where I do NOT want to get burned. The high neck/back and wide shoulder coverage makes it perfect for those days without being frumpy (that’s a tall order!) and unlike other swimsuits with more coverage, this one doesn’t chafe around the neck or arms. Hallelujah! (It’s also 25% off right now, which makes it even better). I find Summersalt suits to run a bit small – I’m almost always a 0 and sometimes even a 00, but a 2 fits perfectly in all their swimsuits for me.

Pure Organic Layered Fruit Bars
We’ve had these when friends brought them along on lake outings a few times so when we were in charge of lunches at my family reunion this summer, we bought two boxes of these. And WOW were they a hit. All of the flavors are excellent, but the Pineapple Passionfruit is my personal favorite. Perfect snack for traveling, packing in lunches, or taking to the beach or park.

Smart Lock and Doorbell Camera
We’ve talked about getting one of these since we moved into this house almost two years ago (I even had it on my Christmas wishlist last year!) and we finally did this summer. It’s everything I’ve dreamed of! I love being able to see who is at the door from my desk or generating a door code so my neighbor can put my packages inside while I’m out of town. Seriously the best purchase (my code is JANSSEN30).

Wide Leg Cropped Pants
My sister Merrick has been hyping up these Anthropologie pants for the last year and I finally snagged a black pair this spring. They live up to the buzz! Every time I wear them, I’m surprised again at how flattering they are and how comfortable they are (they have a little bit of stretch to them). And every time I wear them, Bart says, “I LOVE those pants” which is another good sign that they’re an excellent pair of pants.


geometry beach towel

Geometry Beach Towels
I’ve been eyeing these beach towels for two years now and never pulled the trigger because of the price tag. Last month they had a crazy good sale on them, so I bought three for my kids and I’ve been so happy with them! They are incredibly lightweight, a fabulous size and have the cutest prints. We do tons of water activities in the summer and these don’t take up my entire beach bag or make my shoulder numb from carrying them around after being used. For 15% off your order, use code JANSSEN15! (Pro tip: wait for a sale and stack this code with another one if possible)


Sandwich Cutter and Sealer
Nothing makes me feel more on top of it as a mom than having meals prepped ahead of time and ready to go. This summer I’ve been batch prepping lunches for my kids by making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and ham and cheese roll sliders and freezing them in individual bags. This has made impromptu picnics, trips to the water park and afternoon hikes so much easier because I can just reach into my freezer and grab a couple of sandwiches. They thaw quickly in the summer heat and its a better option than a lot of pre packaged snacks or eating out. I’ve loved this sandwich cutter and sealer. My kids don’t typically eat the crusts anyways, and this handy little kitchen gadget conveniently cuts and seals the perfect little sandwich! The sandwiches also freeze really well when prepared this way.


Stain Spray
For some reason the onset of summer has increased the amount of food that ends up on my little boys’ clothing, and therefore everything is covered in potential stains. Ice cream, watermelon, cherry juice, popsicles, BBQ, you name it, it’s like they bathed in all of this food. I was getting frustrated by my old stain spray because it was only taking out about 50% of the stains. I kept seeing Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater Stain Treater, and I just wasn’t believing what I was seeing. But it is GOOD! This one has earned it’s place in the laundry room.

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