Is It Too Late to Talk About Easter?

I’ve seen bloggers say that, by the time the actual holiday arrives, they’re far past sick of it, since the blog world has been non-stop holiday for the month leading up to it.

I try to fight that by posting everything about holidays way way late (look for my Christmas post in about six more weeks).

So, yes, Easter is probably boring and what not at this point.

Too bad.

When I saw all the Easter posts on Monday morning, I realized I’d missed a totally legitimate opportunity to buy myself a new dress. How could I have skipped that? It didn’t even cross my mind. Next year. . .

It’s hard to mind too much, though, when your GIRLS have matching dresses (thanks to Grancie). I died a little bit.


And I told you she smiles!

We also had Landen and Adam over for our traditional (erm, this is the second year we’ve done it so I’m calling it traditional) Easter crepe feast. We invite them for two reasons: 1) We really love Landen and Adam and 2) they own a crepe maker and make all the crepes. You’d invite them too.

While Landen made crepes, I set out a big spread of toppings – tomatoes, cheese, ham, bacon, pesto, fudge sauce, strawberries, lemon curd, blueberry sauce, bananas, and whipped cream. Landen made about thirty crepes and we ate almost every one of them between the five of us.

An egg hunt after naps (we learned our lesson this year and filled them with stickers instead of candy. Ella got one mini Kit Kat in her basket and that was the extent of the candy – she did not spend twenty minutes this year running in a circle around the kitchen calling, “I’m running!” like she did after the sugar fest of last year), and then a lovely dinner with friends, and I called Easter a success.

Ella mainly wanted to know how soon Easter was going to come again. She was a bit dismayed when the answer was more than 360 days.



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  1. Your girls are so precious. And I love unusual names for Grandma… My mom's name is Ginger so she's Gigi to the grandkids. Oh and get yourself a dress next year, lady… It's the one time it's practically your patriotic duty to go shopping and we must take advantage of those moments 🙂 (although you looked lovely as always 🙂

  2. I love that you put stickers in her eggs instead of candy… I feel like too many kids eat way too much sugar at a young age and then end up with an incurable sweet tooth for the rest of their lives… Better to regard sweets as a treat, not the norm, to be eaten in excess. 🙂

  3. "I'm running!" I died. Hilarious and so close to what happens to my kids on sugar-based holidays. We don't give them much candy but the grandparents feel it is their grandparently right and duty to pump them full of junk. Argh.

  4. Matching dresses are so cute! Though I seem to remember resenting my mother for dressing me like my sisters… Which I suppose means you are doing something right because we all need those memories haha.

  5. Never too late to post! You look great. Isn't it funny how other blogs can shape our perception? The crepe event sounds delectable. I love crepes, just not the effort it takes to make them!

  6. You're so lucky to have a little redhead! I have red hair and was hoping one of my little girls would be a ginger, but no dice!
    Also, thanks to your recommendation, I just started the Wednesday Wars- so far, so good. Thank you!

  7. Your girls are adorable! Little Ella's expressions are so cute. I missed the opportunity to buy myself a new dress, too, and instead went to church in black. Hardly festive. 🙂

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