I’m So Glad When Daddy Comes Home

This post was created in partnership with Crocs. I’ve only ever successfully given Bart about two clothing items he actually likes, with these shoes being one of them. Basically a Father’s Day miracle right there. 
After Bart went back to work last summer, it was something of an adjustment for our family.
While his two years as an MBA student were certainly busy, it was nothing compared to the years before that when he was an auditor for a big firm, and even while he was in school, his schedule was very flexible, so he was around a lot during the day.
Having him gone most of the day all week turned out to be pretty rough for the girls, who were used to him being around a lot more, especially during his last term which was fairly light and then the months between graduation and when he started work.
So once we were settled in Arizona, we started making a much bigger effort to make sure weekends were family time where we could all spend time together.
We blast through some house chores for 45 minutes or so then we all head out on some sort of family adventure.
Sometimes, we go swimming or to a museum that’s fun for the girls. Or, if the weather isn’t too hot, we’ll go for a long family walk or try out a new playground or go for a hike.
There’s a lot of variety for our Saturday family time, but we almost always include going out to lunch.
Bart and I both really love going out to eat and trying new restaurants, and it’s a fun way to end our outings (with the bonus that the moment we come home, we can toss everyone down for naps and quiet time).
Our girls are fairly decent eaters, so we aren’t too limited as to where we go, and we’ve loved eating our way across Phoenix in the last year.
Since food is definitely one of both of our love languages, a family meal out is a good way for us to celebrate Father’s Day (and . . . every other weekend too).
Our most recent Saturday lunch was at Joe’s Farm Grill, which I love not only for their excellent food, but because there is so much outdoor space (they have a small farm on the premises where they grow a lot of their own produce), and we can run around outside while we wait for our food to be ready.
The weather was decent, the food was amazing, and it was just a perfect afternoon with my favorite people. You can’t ask for a lot more when you’re celebrating the most popular person in the family (I have no illusions about who our girls love most).
Except for when Bart not only told me how much he liked the new Crocs I’d picked out for him (taking his shoe count from 4 to a whopping 5) but then proceeded to wear them daily after that. That was the icing on the cake.
Obviously, the girls were delighted with theirs too. I mean, matching sparkly pink sandals? Of course they loved them.
Any fun Father’s Day plans or traditions? I’d love to hear!


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