“I’ll Never Go [Cold] Again”

When people ask why we chose to move to Austin, we often say “for the warm weather.” People laugh (as we expect them to do), but they probably don’t realize how serious we are.

People, we are warm weather snobs. And nothing makes it more obvious to me than when it warms up after a few cooler days and I realize “I never want to be cold again.” Also, I’m just 1000000000 times happier when it’s sunny and warm, which it was this weekend.

The warm weather was even nicer because we actually took advantage of it. We were planning to go to the gym on Saturday, but when we went to the car, we noticed that our tire was flat. We drove to Discount Tire where they promised us they’d repair it for free, but it would be about 90 minutes. So we took a four mile walk. Wearing shorts and t-shirts. Oh, it was marvelous. (We may have laughed snidely to ourselves when we imagined our friends and family in Utah freezing their tails off).

Besides the warm weather, here are a few other reasons this weekend was excellent:

  • I finished three books (“Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian,” “Because of Winn-Dixie,” and “Coraline”).
  • I planned out the menu and shopping list for next week (one of my least favorite things to do).
  • I made a delicious dinner tonight (Shepherd’s pie, corn bread muffins, kiwi, and chocolate pudding) and made two spectacular home-made pizzas.
  • We watched several episodes of Lost.
  • We hung out with Band Ralphie on Friday night and G and M on Saturday. And Holly and Brad tonight. We are party animals.
  • I got a haircut yesterday (I like getting a haircut even if it turns out to be a lousy haircut as this one appears to be thus far – we’ll see how it looks tomorrow after I wash it).

Back to school tomorrow. And back to the gym since I’m trying to do that Couch to 5K thing again.

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  1. I love winter for the snow, or the promise of snow, but for regular non-snowy days I’d far prefer warm weather. I can totally see the allure of living somewhere warm and at the moment I’m quite jealous.

  2. Oooh, please share the sheperd’s pie recipe! It’s such a great thing that people have such different tastes in weather. After all the climates I’ve lived in, I’ve decided that I am altogether impartial, but Dan and I are enjoying the cold here for now!

  3. Such a wimp. You know maybe part of the problem is you growing up in Las Vegas. It makes you think it’s normal to only have one season. Just kidding. Right now I’m extremely jealous of the warm weather.

  4. The other day Erin’s teacher informed me that if it’s below 40 the preschool has recess inside.

    I thought she was joking. She was not.

  5. It was relatively warm here this weekend so I went on a nice walk too. But I think you would have been cold here today compared to Austin!

  6. Janssen…I have successfully added all of my subscriptions but now I am wondering how to do the backgroud stuff. Could you send me the directions? Thanks!

  7. Hm…. a 4-mile walk in shorts and t-shirts sounds so much better than shoveling 4 feet of snow; which is what I did on my Saturday. Although, after it’s shoveled and I’m warmed up with hot chocolate, it’s nice to look at! ;o)


  8. I just started watching lost and I really like it. I am only on Season 1, episode 9…so it might take me a while to catch up to the 4th season?? I don’t know.

  9. So I commented, but it didn’t show up and now I’ve forgotten all the witty and hilarious things that I wrote. Darn.

    Well anyway, the gist of it was that I’m incredibly jealous and you are all spoiled and never have to suffer. And Ralphie’s comment made me laugh…recess inside because of 40 degrees. Church in Midway and Draper area was cancelled yesterday cause they got three feet of snow. Beat that 🙂

    p.s. I’m going to see you in three weeks!!!!!

  10. Congrats on an excellent weekend! We woke up this morning to LOTS of snow, but we still managed to make it to “Story Box” at the library, where Nathan was the only child under age 2, but still enjoyed it anyway. And give yourself a pat on the back for your recipe/menu planning. I did that over the weekend too and felt like I never wanted to cook again by the time I was finished!

  11. My husband and I adore warm weather too. We are seriously considering a move to Savannah or Charleston, but are afraid of being so far from our families (his in PA and mine in MD). Now we’re trying to convince them to move with us!

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