Over Labor Day weekend, we headed out for a Saturday of fun and frivolity.

First stop: the outlet malls. I had a gift card for Gap that I won over at Definitely RA’s blog that was burning a hole in my pocket and we figured there would be some good holiday sales.

It was, both happily and unhappily, also tax-free weekend. The place was an absolute MAD HOUSE. Bart finally dropped me off and ended up parking across the street, after circling the (very large) outlets twice.

Gap card spent (hello, two new sweaters and some slacks for Bart! Welcome to our humble abode. Curse you, Gap, for never having anything that fits me very well!), we decided to leave the state.

After three years in Texas, where the nearest state border is hours away, it was pretty awesome to drive fifteen or twenty minutes past the outlets and find ourselves in Rhode Island.

Providence has a big production, called Waterfire, that they put on several times a summer, where they light big floating bonfires on the river. They burn for nearly five hours, with gondolas floating around, classical music playing, and food stands like you cannot BELIEVE nearby (a pastry shop was selling homemade Almond Joys the size of a potato. I stupidly didn’t buy one).

We got there an hour or so before it was supposed to start, so we parked and then wandered around Brown campus, which was lovely. I felt very Ivy-Leaguish. Also small, as you can see in that picture.

Eventually, as the sun was setting, we headed over to the canal to watch them setting up the bonfires. There are DOZENS of them all up and down the canal and it was pretty fun to wander around and see all the preparations.

And once the burning and singing and music finally began, it was quite a sight to see.

If you come visit on a weekend that it’s going on, I’ll probably force you to go. And maybe buy me a potato-sized Almond Joy.

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  1. I will go. And I will buy at least 12 giant Almond Joys. Hello YUM! Oh and p.s. I agree about the Gap. Their clothes fit strangely.

  2. I love it when I scroll down to a picture of you and Chichi yells out "Janssen! …where's Bart?"

    I love that they remember you and miss you.

  3. We stumbled upon a "waterfire" evening in Columbus too. It was most unique and bizarre at the same time. Instead of classical though, they had barbershop and most definitely no potato sized almond joys. Too bad for us.

  4. Cutest picture of you EVER. My goodness you are such a gorgeous girl!

    Quick story about borders: I was going to apply to work at Stanford and they don't have openings until March. They require that you have NO work experience as an RN in the state of Cali in order to do their new grad program, so… not looking like such a possibility since I want to start work soon. I told my roommate this and she's like, "In the state of CALIFORNIA, see? You could work somewhere else?" I'm like, "Do you know how far it is to the next state?" She's from New Jersey. Go figure.

  5. I loved Waterfire!! And I also crashed Brown U while I was in RI! It's kind of like we're twins…only you got the GAP giftcard. ;o)


  6. In case you didn't know, NH is always tax-free! There are several different outlets there too, and well-worth the drive 🙂

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