My Attempts to Be “With It” Fail Again

The problem with only going to the dollar theater is that you sort of forget when you come home from a movie you loved with all your heart and soul that probably everyone you know or who reads your blog has already seen it months ago and has moved on.

Nevertheless, if even one of you hasn’t seen Penelope, you should run out and fix that right this moment.

It’s a winner. Definitely one for the top five list so far this year.

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  1. Hey, I see them months after they come out on video through the Blockbuster Mail thing. So don’t feel too lame. And I’m perfectly content with that. Much cheaper than spending even $2 for us (at the dollar theater) but then $15 for a babysitter. Just not worth it very often.

  2. While I did pay to see this in the expensive theater (multiple times), I just saw it again tonight at the dollar. I LOVE IT!!! So, while you may be a bit behind some, your comments are still welcomed and I will join you in your praises.

    Such a great, feel good, excellent kiss, hot guy, cute “moral”e, hilarious flick!

    The soundtrack is rad, too!

  3. I don’t think I have that listed on my netflix yet – going to go fix that right now! Thanks for the heads up 🙂

  4. I’ve been dying to see Penelope, but it left the discount theater before I got a chance to see it. I guess I’ll wait for it to show up in/at (?) Redbox.

  5. that is already in the dollar theater?? i wanted to take my girls to that when it came out, but never new it did. that is the one about the girl with the pig snout right?? have a fun weekend janssen. we will definitely catch up next week 🙂

  6. If it makes you feel any better, I’m not “with it” enough to have even heard of that movie. But I’m checking the dollar theater to see if it’s still playing in Columbus!

  7. Yes, Penelope is old news. As Chloe said, we’ve seen it lots! But I just saw it again in the dollar theater a week or two ago if that helps you feel better. 🙂

  8. I’m probably further behind than you, so I love to hear your suggestions! This is one reason you never see blog posts about movies on my site — I’m hopelessly behind with the movie scene. As an aside, I’m almost finished with season one of Lost :o)

  9. Going to movies is something you should appreciate now that you dont have kids. I sure do miss it 🙁 It is once in a blue moon that Dave and I make it to the theater. I was a little skeptical about this show because I am afraid I wouldnt be able to follow the story line because all I would be focused on is her little piggy nose.

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