Great Librarian Overlord

Some of you already know how super crafty and awesome my sister, Merrick, is. She makes great embellished t-shirts (why yes, I did get one for my birthday; how did you guess?) and sweaters, and cute drawings for my bathroom (also, self? where is that thing anyway? Time to open the last two boxes).

Anyway, she added to her repertoire of clever gifts this year with these lovelies:

If these are not the most fantastic book plates you’ve ever seen, well, I’ll be amazed.

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  1. You girls are so talented! Merrick's art and "crafty" things are amazing. (Landen's pretty great, too.) Those book plates are adorable.

  2. I freaked for a second when I saw that picture because I thought I had off centered "Janssen" on accident. Then I realized you had whited out your last name. Thank you for the mini heart attack. So glad you love them (and I owe all the credit to RA…).

  3. Ok, so I'm obviously an idiot, but…….What are book plates? I also want to see this picture she made for your bathroom! And why didn't I inherit any of these creative genes? Very Cute!

  4. Book plates are paper rectangles with your name on them. You paste them in the front cover of your books in lieu of writing with a pen in your book. That way, whenever you inevitably loan someone your book, they see a very large reminder that they should return it.

  5. So I THOUGHT my "Lastname Family Library" stickers were awesome. That was, until I saw your bookplates. Thanks for nothing, Merrick!

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