A Saturday in Fall

Today my sister, Merrick, wrote a post about fall; she went to the farmers’ market in a full-on coat (a coat!) and bought donuts and hot chocolate. Friends, the only time I’m drinking hot chocolate these days is at work, where it’s so over-air-conditioned, I have to wear a sweater.

While it’s threatening to snow tonight in Utah, I’ve been running errands in a t-shirt and flip-flops (and pants, of course. What kind of person do you think I am?) (Also, by running errands I mean going to Ross and Old Navy).

And yet, even though it’s still hitting the high eighties every day, it is starting to feel a little bit like fall. We have our Halloween decorations up (my mom, in her usual awesome fashion, sent us a great orange doormat with black cats on it) and, although we still have to keep the AC running, at least the light has taken on that fall/winter look. And frankly, right now, that’s enough for me.

Also, all our leaves are falling off our two giant trees in the front yard, which means we’ll probably be celebrating our two year anniversary of moving into this house (this week!) by raking up leaves and mumbling about how stupid fall is.

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  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I have added yours to my reader and am excited to hear about your school program (I got my MLIS from UCLA (and my undergrad there too! Go Bruins!))

    Oh my goodness. You read soooo much! You are going to be the best reader’s advisory librarian in the world!

    Okay, we have quite a few things in common! I get lightheaded when getting out bed (low blood pressure) – this is a bummer when I reach for a book on the bottom shelf in the library and get up too quickly and see spots. Be careful in those stacks! I love House. I can’t take cold weather (I’m a native Southern California girl and have seen snow about 15 times – and that’s enough, thank you very much). And, of course, I love In-N-Out! Best of luck with your studies.

  2. The only bad thing about fall is that winter is coming. And with this whole global climate change stuff, it’s looking to be a short fall.

    But at least we will have awesome coats made my Mom to somewhat enjoy the cold.

  3. I was thinking the same thing until today when it was 71! I don’t know what happened, but there’s a chill in the air.

  4. You are a crazy nut and need to visit us in Idaho, where it snowed today! It was lovely!! Yes, I do like a good summer day, but a good fall and winter day are just as awesome! Pull out the cute coats, scarves and boots…here i come winter!!

  5. October was my LEAST favorite month in Texas. You are so sick of summer you want to scream, and so ready for all the cozy autumn things: crunchy leaves, hot chocolate, sweaters in the morning, sexy boots. . . but the heat just goes on. I had a baby in October one year and it was hot ever day that month. The next baby came in December. In October we tried to do an autmuny-thing but just sweated through the misery that was the pumpkin patch; on Halloween my three year-old was sticky and wet in his plushy pumpkin costume. That year, 2004, the weather didn’t break until the week of Thanksgiving. The first night it cooled off and the humidity swept out, I propped my fat ankles and told Plantboy to leave the window open. It was 50 degrees of bliss in our room that night.

    October is so on the list of things I do not miss about Texas.

  6. We had a beautiful fall day yesterday – sunny, but cool enough for a jacket.

    And, you have reminded me that there is an owl doormat that I NEED at Target.

  7. Hey I'll take your raked up leaves for my pumpkin-garbage-bag decoration I bought last year. I don't know why I bought it — we have two ornamental trees that don't drop enough leaves to fill a wastebasket, nevermind a lawn bag! Maybe we'll come over to your house on Saturday and I'll teach the kids how to rake leaves and run & jump on the piles. This is making me sad — thinking of all the things my kids haven't experienced yet!

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