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  1. Hey, just so you know, your birthday is on my calendar AND I was just getting ready to email you a happy birthday so you'd feel so good that I remembered all by myself. But alas, now you may never believe me…

    Happy Birthday, awesome Janssen!
    Oh, and you'll see my new boots on my blog today. Just for you. 🙂

  2. Happy, happy birthday, Janssen! One year older and wiser, too, huh? I hope it is your best year yet. (And I know you've had some good years, so this one should be AMAZING!)

  3. Happy Birthday to a fellow September baby, although I do have to state that you get an awful lot of fanfare for your day. A butterfly's fart gets more attention than my birthday these days. Hope your trend continues!

  4. You're having a birthday, shout hooray, we want to sing to you today – one year older and wiser too, happy birthday – to you!

    If I knew your phone number I'd have my kids sing it for you. Hope the day finishes as well as it began.

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