Girl Talk: Episode 3

Bart: If you keep behaving like that, Ella, there will be consequences.
Ani: There are no consequences for ME.
Ella: [snarling] That doesn’t make you a hero!

Ani: Daddy, can I have some fruit snacks?
Bart: No, fruit snacks aren’t for breakfast.
Ani: Okay, I will just put them in my mouth until the bag is empty.

Ella is demanding help from Bart in a very unpleasant fashion
Bart: Can you try that again in a pleasant voice?
Ella: I am just DONE with all this nonsense.
Bart: So am I. So let’s just do it once nicely and be done.
Ella: I just wish you guys were my servants.

I hear a commotion coming from the girls’ shared room and open the door to find Ani in Ella’s bed, hitting her and shouting
Ani: Do you want me call your mommy?”

I’m eating chips and salsa at the counter and give one to Ani. A few minutes later, when I’m sitting at the table, she comes over with a chip in her hand
Ani: I need some spiciness on this chip.

Ella: Isn’t it amazing that I’m born in the same month as the earth became real?
Janssen: . . . .
Ella: You know, how the earth became real on the Fourth of July?

Coming into the bathroom where I’m getting ready
Ani: I climbed up on the counter and cut a piece of peach.
Janssen: With the sharp knife? Yikes – that makes me nervous.
Ani: That makes me happy.

Ella: I really need you to catch me at the bottom of the slide.
Janssen: I’m holding Star, so I can’t really catch you. Plus, this slide isn’t even very big. You’ll be fine.
Ella: But I need you to!
Janssen: What’s the worst thing that could happen?
Ella: I could DIE!

Ani was pretty whiny about not getting a bag of M&Ms at the Target check-out but got a sticker and seemed to get over it. As we were walking out:
Janssen: You were really good about leaving the toy section when I told you it was time to go. You didn’t throw a fit.
Ani: Well NOW I’m throwing a fit.

Ani: I really like your shirt, Mommy.
Janssen: Thanks!
Ani: Now you are supposed to say, “I like your shirt.”

After reading Journey
Ella: I wish I had a marker like that.
Ella: Actually, no I don’t. I’d probably get myself into a pickle.

Ani brings me a chocolate:
Ani: Mommy, will you open this for fun?

Past hilarity from these hooligans here.

(P.S. These shirts were gifts from my friend Miranda, who runs the cutest shop, The Countdown Shop, with maternity and kid tee shirts.)

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  1. These are just the best posts! Those two are a total hoot! I, too, wish I was better at keeping track of what my boys say.

  2. If throwing Anna's baby shower without your lovely hostessing help wasn't enough for me to miss you! (I settled with consulting your blog–which was, in fact, very helpful) H & Bart's back-and-forth's truly made me laugh aloud. "I'm just done with this all nonsense!"

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