What I’m Giving Bart for Christmas This Year

For years, I’ve done a post about what we’re giving the girls for Christmas, but until last year, I’d never done a post about what I was giving Bart for Christmas.

Then it turned out to be one of the most popular blog posts of the season, so I figured I’d better repeat it this year (plus, it forces me to plan ahead which is a huge personal benefit to this post!).

I won’t lie – I find gifts for him pretty challenging, but over the years I’ve gotten a little better!

Here’s what’s going under the tree for him this year:

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What I’m Giving Bart for Christmas This Year 

  • TICKETS TO A LIVE SHOW. A few months ago, I saw that one of our favorite comedians was going to be in Salt Lake at the beginning of the year and I knew instantly that it would be the perfect big gift for Bart this year (and bonus that it’s really a gift for me too!).
  • PORTABLE AIR COMPRESSOR. One of my team members, Jen, told me that her husband LOVES this for pumping up bike tires, car tires, boat trailer tires, etc, and I knew it was something Bart would appreciate having on hand!
  • FLEECE JOGGERS. Bart has been doing more winter trail running with friends this year and I thought these would be a cozy layer to keep him warm when he’s outside in chilly weather – so many people told me they love the Dynamic Fleece line from Old Navy for men, so I’m eager to see what Bart thinks about it!
  • CASHMERE HOODIE. I bought one of these last year for him (and one for my 26 year old brother!) and Bart LOVED it. When he pulled it out this year as the weather turned cold, he said, “I need 2 or 3 more of them!” He’ll have to be happy with ONE more. Last year, I bought him the black one; this year I went more fun with the Fjord Blue.
  • KEYBOARD CLEANER TOOL. Bart loves to take good care of his possessions and he’s also very clean (I’m more of a neat person, he’s more of a CLEAN person), so I think he’ll love this.
  • SMARTWOOL SOCKS. So many people told me these are the BEST ski socks because they’re both thin and warm, so I snagged a few pairs for him.

And a few things for his stocking:

  • BEARD OIL. I’ve been using Typology products this fall and been SO impressed by them and I’m anxious for Bart to try this French brand of beard oil!
  • ZIP CHIP. Bart is definitely the fun parent and this mini frisbee is perfectly portable – small enough to pop in a pocket and the girls will be thrilled to play with him!
  • MAGNETIC CORD TIES. The cords in Bart’s office are . . . not pretty. I’m not sure if these cord ties are more of a gift for me or him, but he’s getting them either way!
  • MAGNETIC FIDGET SPINNER SET. I happened to see this on Amazon and THE NEXT DAY Bart mentioned he’d love some sort of fidgety toy for Christmas. Wish granted.
  • STANCE TAB SOCKS. I am VERY into my Stance tab socks for working out (I won’t even wear any of my other socks now!) and I hope Bart loves them as much as I do!
  • PEACHY GREENS. Bart is obsessed with these and drinks a glass every single day so I thought it’d be fun to put a few single serve sticks in his stocking this year. Use the code JANSSEN for 10% off.

Do you have any great gifts for guys? What are you getting for your significant other this year?

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Photos by Heather Mildenstein

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