Four States

My parents came over the weekend, so obviously last week (and by that I mean, Friday afternoon) was a blur of doing some of those house projects I’ve been meaning to do since we moved in, but have not.

And a trip to IKEA (which is two hours away, and required some juggling of children (I discovered that Celeste will happily exchange baby sitting for pickup of an Expedit bookcase – sadly, I’m guessing she doesn’t need 40 bookcases, so the rest of you are out of luck for your free childcare needs)).

The IKEA trip was a success except for the part where my phone only had 4% battery left on the way home and so I couldn’t listen to an audiobook. Had to make do with singing along to You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown extremely loudly for two hours. I am pretty much the epitome of cool and hip right here.

One of the projects I was most excited about was one I dreamed up nearly a year ago (besides being hip and cool, I am also very speedy).

Shortly before Ani’s birth, I realized that all four of our family members have been born in different states, so I made some state maps that featured each of our birth states and birth dates.

After letting them wither away on my hard drive for the last eight months or so, I finally got them printed last week and they showed up on Thursday night. Four nails in the wall, (and finally unwrapping the frames that have been sitting on Ella’s floor since July), and now our hallway looks a little more fun.

I LOVE them.

And, thanks to the MBA, there is a good chance our hypothetical third child could also be born in another state, unless we happen to move to one of four states already claimed by a prior family member after Bart graduates.

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  1. Super cute! I'm silently cursing that both of my sons were born in the same state as my husband. 🙂

  2. I've never thought about this idea…. Would you consider also putting their hand print within the state boarder? Or would that be too much and tacky? We have two repeats in our family so we'd only get four different states on the wall. But that could still be worth mulling over.

  3. i love this! such a great idea! although, it's very likely like our first will be born in the same state as spencer. dang it, new yorkers!

  4. That's so cool! All four of us were born in the same state and baby #3 will follow suit, assuming I don't go into early labor when in Texas at 32 weeks:)

  5. No more bookshelves, but one of those strangely fantastic chick-fil-a cookies would fit the bill just fine. 🙂 Or heck, even for free. Seriously in LOVE with those frames states.

  6. Oh my GOSH! I love this. I hope you don't mind if I steal this idea for my own house, since all four of the members of my family were born in different states too. I am excited just thinking about this! Do you have a link to a tutorial or (even better) one of your own in the works?

  7. You midwestern babe, you! What a great idea to do that.

    And you know, for those of us without kids, babysitting is pretty fun. I'm usually happy to give them back, but it breaks up the boring everyday of life with people who ask you things like, "do you poop?" and "how to airplanes fly?"

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