Book Deals to Kick Off September

Welcome to September and happy Labor Day weekend!

It always feels so nice to me to have a three day weekend after the first couple of weeks of school – we all need a little rest!

And hopefully that rest includes some good reading!

Here are some of my favorite book deals going on this weekend:

Book Deals to Kick Off September

Cheaper by the Dozen by Frank B. Gilbreth andErnestine Gilbreth Carey – ebook
This book about a family of twelve children, being raised in a home with an efficiency-expert father is sweet, hilarious, and just plain interesting. The sequel, Belles on Their Toes, is just as good. These books are absolutely beloved in our family. Nothing to do with the embarrassingly bad Steve Martin movie. (Full review here)


The Jane Austen Society by Natalie Jenner – ebook
I won’t lie, Jane Austen-related titles do not usually compel me. But then I was completely drawn into this story of six people drawn together by their shared love of Jane Austen. It takes place just after the close of World War II and the characters range from a widowed doctor to a Hollywood movie star. Did I shed a few tears in the closing chapters? I might have. But I’ll never tell.


Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: A Therapist, HER Therapist, and Our Lives Revealed by Lori Gottlieb – ebook
I discovered this book on Modern Mrs. Darcy’s 2019 Summer Reading List and then saw it EVERYWHERE. I devoured this one – it was so fascinating about a therapist and her patients, plus her own experience in therapy. Pretty much made me certain we ALL need to go to a therapist.


The All-or-Nothing Marriage by Eli J. FinkelThe All-or-Nothing Marriage: How the Best Marriages Work by Eli J. Finkel – audiobook
I saw several friends recommend this one over the last few months and grabbed a copy at my library. It’s fascinating! There’s a LOT of history and background before you get into the actual applicable tools, but I was sucked in from the first few pages and couldn’t stop telling Bart all about it.


Mac Undercover by Mac BarnettMac Undercover by Mac Barnett – audiobook
You may know Mac Barnett as an author but before that? He was a spy for the Queen of England in this series that the publisher calls James Bond meets Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It’s filled with full-color illustrations plus a nice dose of historical facts. Smart and funny, this is a winner series. (A whole bunch of the books in this series are on super sale!) 



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