When my dad was here a few weeks ago, he pulled my baby book off the shelf (I hadn’t even realized we had it) and as we flipped through it together, we came upon this ultrasound image of me when I was almost exactly as far along as our baby is right now.

And yes, I look like an alien. When people say, “Most ultrasounds look like an alien, but MY baby is so beautiful,” I think, “No, your baby ALSO looks like an alien.” I even think my own precious, darling baby looks like an alien.

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  1. Yep. All three of mine looked like aliens too.

    (How cool is it that you have your OWN ultrasound photo. Very cool.)

  2. I actually don't even think "alien" when I see most ultrasounds, but this one definitely does give off that alien vibe. In a cute way!

  3. Yeah, whenever people post ultrasound pictures and say, "look at my beautiful baby!" I think, ummm, just looks like an ultrasound to me. I felt that way about both my kids' ultrasound pictures as well.

  4. The 3D ones, I would say, are even freakier. Because they have to press a button and it takes a few seconds to capture the image… Bentley was moving around so much that in the ultrasound picture he looked SO disfigured, he had a giant hole in his head. It was a little disconcerting : )

  5. I was actually surprised how much better watching an ultrasound is. I had never been able to make out much of anything in the pictures people post… but watching it while they take the pictures was much easier to make sense of. Ultrasound day was definitely a highlight of the pregnancy, even though the pictures themselves were never much of a thrill after the fact.

    I'll concur that 3D pictures are kind of creepy. We had one taken, but he definitely didn't come out looking anything like it.

  6. i also think almost all newborns are funny looking. even mine. 🙂 and yes, ultra sounds do look like alien babies. i'm glad we're all being honest with ourselves now.

    and i'm totally copying your maternity jeans idea. stores don't carry my size either. accept GAP. boo. and yes i own ONE pair of $80 GAP maternity jeans. love your idea. for baby #3 i will officially own 2 pairs of maternity jeans thanks to you. unless i'm huge in the summer. in vegas. then i'll hide at home and wear no clothes at all.

  7. I think ultrasounds make babies look like aliens and newborns don't look like mom or dad — they look like babies.

    Although I will say I never really thought newborns were especially cute until I had my own and I think he is pretty much the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

  8. Ha! That's so crazy you have an old ultrasound picture of yourself- totally awesome! I have one ultrasound image of Noah that was creepy enough it made me worry about what he would look like… how sad is that? I almost threw it out… glad I didn't since I can now admire that little alien face. 😉

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