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Thank you all so much for your sweet comments on yesterday’s post – I went in for my ultrasound and visit with the high-risk specialist and my hemorrhage has miraculously not grown at all for the past few weeks (in fact, it’s shrunk ever so slightly). 

Even better, my baby is growing really well and is actually measuring about 5 days ahead of her due date, which has never ever happened. I’m supposed to go back in 4-6 weeks to check how she’s doing, but for now, things are stable and looking good. I’m so so grateful. 


I thought we missed the boat to have family photos taken as a family of four before Star was born, and just a few weeks before her birth, I realized we’d had them taken with my extended family (I just went back and looked at them and couldn’t believe how little everyone was!).

With this new baby due in four months, our window to get family photos of our family of five was quickly shrinking, so when Elizabeth Lawlor asked if we’d like to do a lifestyle shoot at our house, I jumped at the chance.

And then we’re taking family photos with my extended family THIS weekend, so we’ll be swimming in photos of the five of us, just in time for them to be completely outdated.

I’m so so happy with how these photos turned out, and I love having these more relaxed photos of our family together.

Good thing I have a bunch of empty frames ready to fill for our blank family room wall.

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  1. What lovely pictures! Definitely a time to treasure. So glad your ultrasound went well. Another little girl from you two is exactly what the world needs. I still can't get over how darling your girls were when you came to visit. Makes me smile every time I think of it. We are excited to come visit at Thanksgiving and plan to let you put your feet up as much as you desire.

  2. So glad everything is okay. And I feel you with the added stress during pregnancy. For me it was like this thought all the time of, "Everything's probably going to be fine… Buuuuuuut. Everything might not be fine." So then little things could send me reeling because I was already off kilter because of the stressful pregnancy.

  3. SO glad you got such great news yesterday! These pictures are so darling, and those little girls are so lucky to have you!

  4. Glad to hear your good news! These pictures are such fun! I especially like the ones of Bart with Star, you with Ella, and thirty little piggies on the couch.

  5. Good to hear your happy news! I had a subchorionic hemorrhage with my first and she came at almost 38 weeks and was just fine 🙂 You are such a good mom to those darling girls. Can't wait to see the new little cutie!

  6. We are so happy to hear that you and baby girl are doing well! Such sweet pictures of your family – Bart has some great socks! (Socks are Joe's favorite accessory. We're always looking for good ones!)

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