Why, Yes, I’ve Heard of Scrooge

I went shopping this afternoon. I enjoy shopping, particularly clothing shopping, but the thing that makes it really fun for me is finding things on sale, because I absolutely loathe spending my precious, beloved money, even on pretty things.

I wouldn’t consider myself a real sale shopper because I hate looking through the sale racks – everything is always a disaster, it’s packed in so tightly you can’t find anything, and, in Old Navy, the top racks are too hard for me to reach (I should bring my kitchen stool with me when I go to Old Navy). My solution is to look through quickly and see if anything catches my eye. If not, well, too bad. Today, at Old Navy, I saw a pair of velour “lounge pants” in a chocolate brown color on the sale rack. For $3.97. In my size. Mine! That sort of thing makes my day. I’m wearing them right now, and they are terrific!

The most exciting purchase, though, was the sweater I bought. I’d seen this particular sweater several months ago and tried it on. I absolutely loved it, but it was $30, which was more than I was willing to spend on an Old Navy item. A few weeks later I saw it on sale for $20, but I still didn’t feel like it was worth it, particularly since it was quickly going out of season and would surely be on better sale eventually. The next time I went to Old Navy, it was $24.99, so I’d certainly calculated wrong. And if I hadn’t bought it for $20, I certainly wouldn’t for $25. I told Bart I was just going to keep waiting. I realized that it was a serious gamble since I don’t go to Old Navy more than once a month and there was only one XS left in any color, but I’m a gambler at heart if it means not spending money. Today, as I was wandering around, I saw a shelf with a sign “Clearance: 75% off.” And there were half a dozen of the beloved sweaters, including the XS in the color I’d originally tried on in January. The final price was $6.97. Hooray!

I also bought a white tank top (hello, you cannot own enough) and a white shirt. All for the grand total of exactly $27.00.

I also bought some buttons at Hobby Lobby so I could replace the missing ones on my jeans’ back pockets (I feel like such a bum wearing pants with unbuttoned pockets). That’s what I get for buying a pair of jeans for $9.99. Cheap buttons.

My other major success was at Claire’s. Last fall, I went in and discovered this brilliant “10 redline items for $5” sale. As I drove by today, I noticed the giant red sign in the window proclaiming another of these sales, so I went in and bought 6 necklaces, 4 pairs of earrings, and a hair clip (the extra necklace was originally over $10, so it wasn’t eligible for the sale, but it was 75% off, so it was only about two bucks.

Yes, I am a super cheapskate. And I like it. (But not as much as Bart does).

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  1. When we were living together I didn’t much like shopping because I was always broke. Now that I have money to spend (Eric’s) I want to go shopping with you. Sad.

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