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One of the best parts of Christmas this year is that Bart is out of school for a month.

After his last final, two weeks ago, we celebrated by taking a family trip to CVS to buy diapers (we like to live on the wild side). When Ella was born, Bart told me that one of the most important things to him was that we never, ever run out of diapers.

And in three and a half year of parenting, we never have. We have been. . .very close, but never actually run out. (The other important thing to him is to have about four million burp cloths).

Actually, this outing was a highlight of the week for Ella because they had a “fun cart” and, since we weren’t really in a hurry and I had someone else to push the cart, I let her ride in it.

(You thought I meant BART was going to push the cart. . . ).

I love CVS for three reasons.

First, for the last eight years, in the five different places we’ve lived, it’s been the closest drugstore to our house (the one here is seriously just around the corner from us). In Texas, it was the only place that was really close enough for me to walk to from our apartment, and Ella and I went a lot when we only had one car and I just HAD TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. That CVS was my best friend. (Also, I got very good at stuffing diapers and wipes into the stroller basket).

Second, I bought a ton of really inexpensive diapers in the six months before Ella was born, stocking up whenever there was a good deal. And then, we decided to move back to Texas and not rent a moving van, so suddenly 25 packs of diapers seemed less like an awesome deal and more like a giant use of space in a small sedan. I called CVS and they told me they’d be happy to let me bring them all in, give me a gift card for them, and then I could re-buy them when I got to Texas. And they did. That made my life super super easy.

Third, they have the only rewards program I actually understand at all.

It turned out to be a fun little family outing (I feel like ANY time I get to shop with Bart instead of wrangling my children alone, it’s a win).

This Christmas was such a delightful one, in large part, because I tried to keep it very low-key and enjoy the small moments as a family, rather than attempting to orchestrate big and elaborate events. Janssen of Christmas 2014, take note. Don’t get that advent calendar back out.

I also have an extra set of vouchers for free Pampers Diapers and Wipes; if you’d like them, leave a comment and I’ll pick a winner at random on Wednesday morning and mail them off.

(Make sure that you either leave your email address or that your profile has a way for me to get ahold of you if you win).

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Free diapers? That is a deal! We have 2 in diapers right now (and one who is out of diapers, but still has a hard time not wetting the bed every night! Oy). Love your blog!

  2. When my baby was just born, I ALMOST learned the hard way about having diapers always in the house (I could have sung for joy when the UPS man arrived because we were down to one diaper although he did not understand my excitement). I think Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive are the best disposables out there.

  3. Yes to free diapers. When Ike was born we lived close to a Rite Aid. A Walgreens was even closer, but Rite Aid (as you taught me more than 3 years ago) has great deals and coupons, and Walgreens is not as good. Now the closest drug store is a Walgreens. And that is why we buy the generic Walmart brand diapers. Also because in our apartment downtown our neighbor gave us the coupons each week, and out here in the suburbs people who get the paper only do it for the coupons, and therefore do not want to share with us.

  4. Oh we love Pampers! I usually get a case from Amazon Mom/Prime once a month, then the rest of the time I wait for CVS sales. Thanks!

  5. This made me laugh because I also stockpiled diapers but then the girls would outgrow the size and I'd have a zillion left over!! CVS is by far my favorite drugstore and their rewards program is wonderful. I just wish you could store coupons on your phone instead of the print-offs. Hope they'll start doing that soon!

  6. We got down to our last diaper only 2 times… and seriously NEVER will that happen again. All I could think about was oh man what if she has a blow out while I'm buying them?!

  7. We have also set a goal to never run out of diapers in our house. We've always lived really close to Walgreens. There is one a block away right now, but CVS is only two blocks away so your post has me thinking I need to venture one block further to check them out. Particularly if they run sales on diapers!

  8. CVS is my favorite drugstore because their reward program is the best out of all drugstores and easiest to use (aka less restriction). And yes, diapers and wipes please. We've never ran out of them because I stockpile them when there is a sale + coupons + ECB!
    cindylin_78 at yahoo dot com

  9. With three kids in diapers, I would never turn down an opportunity to win some. And your comments about Bart's requirements for diapers and burp clothes could just as easily been written about Tom.

  10. I have yet to run out of diapers… but it is a fear. Luckily, we do have our cloth stockpile too. For daycare or Dad, disposables are the only way to go.

  11. Sign me up lady. The only time we've run out (a great fear of mine) is when we (I) forgot them when we went to the cabin for the weekend. This not only required a run to the store but a snowmobile ride down to the road then a hour round trip drive into town. I now keep a stockpile at the cabin, just in case!

  12. Definitely true- better too many diapers than too few! Although with a second coming soon and the first still in diapers, I don't think too many is possible…

  13. With a newborn here we stocked up as much as we could on diapers beforehand other than newborn size, not knowing how big/small the baby would be. Turns out he's small so we have been scrambling to keep newborn diapers in the house. We would get good use out of that coupon! 🙂

  14. Amen to the only rewards program that's understandable. I get so confused by several other stores…and I'm really not all that dumb.

  15. Hmm…I happen to be going through TONS of diapers right now and would love a boost from Pampers 🙂 I love that CVS too.

  16. Woah! I just woke from a nap where I dreamt that for Christmas Bart had gotten you a whole fleet of those car ridiculous car carts that all children love and all parents loathe to push around. They all connected like a big train and you were so excited that you could push all the neighborhood children around. And then I just read your post and saw your pictures if the infamous car cart and I was really weirded out. Ha!

  17. I would like them. We are going to have my niece for two or more weeks and I would love to be able to help my brother and sister-in-law out like this.

  18. Nice! Yay for diapers! If my blog ever gets big like yours, I'll have to check into this clever girls collective. Pretty sure I'm still a few hundreds of thousands of monthly views away still. 😉

  19. Free diapers, what?! 😀 I had never fears of CVS until a couple years ago, but I must say I like them. They did a good job with my photo prints (you know, that one time I actually printed photos…)

  20. I would love free diapers and wipes! And I have to agree, shopping trips are way more enjoyable when my husband comes too!

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