Another Episode . . .

. . . in the likely never-to-end saga of Janssen says “darling,” Bart says, “Muumuu.”




Ella says, “Beloved Mother, you had to Google the spelling of ‘muumuu,’ didn’t you?”

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  1. She is a cutie and don't let Bart tell you otherwise! Amelia had a little outfit made out of that exact same print that I had her wear on a weekly basis. It was one of my all-time favorites. She just looked so cute! Your little Ella looks just as cute!

  2. Missy wore this exact shirt yesterday!! only it's 0-3 size, so it's more a tunic-y shirt than a dress, so she wore it over bright green pants, worn by both boys, and a long sleeved green onsie. It is one of my favorites.

  3. There is a very specific period of time in which muumuus are cute. Ella is in that period.

    (Also, Mummu is Finnish for Grandma. It's pronounced the exact same way.)

  4. Definitely darling! And even if it's a muumuu (i would have googled the spelling of that too!) she's so pretty like her mama, she could wear a paper sack and look cute!

  5. hahahaha so cute! I love the Hawaiian language because it is so phonetic (which unlike the word I am trying to spell). Such a cute outfit, where did you find it? Great photos too. You seem to capture something special in each picture.

  6. I might be a little biased (especially since I don't think I've seen pictures of Bart as a kid), but I think she looks a lot like her Mom! Oh, and the outfit it very cute. Tell Bart this is the time in her life she can wear anything and look adorable!

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