What I’m Going to Read: Round 7

I am kind of ludicrously excited that The Magician’s Assistant by Ann Patchett won. Kelly has been pushing this book for MONTHS, people, and I keep meaning to read it and then forget about it (story of my life).

Can I just say how much I appreciate all your suggestions? I have totally loved doing this thing and it would be so incredibly lame if only two or three people made suggestions.

Ahem, in less cheesy-group-hug news, the other nominations:

Horrifingly, I have read exactly ONE book on this list. Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, which is one of my favorite books. Oh, I love this book. But, really? ONE?!?! Must step it up. Perhaps I’ll secretly read every book on this list this month and than laugh like a loon when I have read over half the recommendations next month.

Or perhaps I won’t.

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  1. I totally want to steal this idea for my blog. People of the internet! Decide what the librarians read!

  2. *GASP!*
    Only ONE?!
    (I'm secretly kind of relieved–you have as much reading potential ahead of you as most of the rest of us)

  3. yay!! i'm so glad you loved Ender's Game. i really wanted to hear what you thought of it, because i've loved every single book you've recommended. now i'm not even upset that mine didn't get picked!

  4. "In less-cheesy-group-hug-news…"


    I personally am going to save this list for the next time (read: never) I don't have a stack of books lined up to read. Seriously, though, I **always** need new recommendations, because let's face it, I hate when I read something and am not so enthused about it!

  5. If you get the chance to listen to audiobooks, Bloody Jack is a great recording! Katherine Kellgren narrates and she is AWESOME!

  6. Obviously, I was too busy to BE RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED YOU GET TO READ THIS ONE!!!

    I love being a winner. And I see you next weekend. And you're reading my book!

  7. It looks like I've read nine of those … but I'm going to make sure the rest are on my to-read list. Happy reading!

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