Week End

Sometimes people post saying things like “I haven’t had time to post about my life because I’m too busy actually living life.” And, of course, sometimes that makes me feel like “oh, so if I’m posting a lot it means I have no life?!?!”

Sometimes I feel like I am a better blogger when I’m busy – when my mind is racing and I’m driving all over the city every day. If I have a lot going on, then I probably have a lot to say.

This has been a quiet week for us – all our family members left on Sunday and Monday, Bart took his first CPA exam early in the week and doesn’t start classes until the middle of next week, and I’ve been off of work all week, so we’ve had quite a lot of free time.

We haven’t done anything particularly exciting – no cruises or last-minute trips to Europe. Instead we’ve mostly watched a lot of episodes of House Season 4, saw “Knowing” at the dollar theater (ugh, terrible movie; also I am a wimp), did some shopping, laid on the couch and read a lot, went out to lunch, and went to the gym. I’ve applied for jobs in Boston and tried to wrap my mind around the idea that I’m done with school, probably forever.

Sometimes there just is too much and too little to say all at the same time.

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  1. Sounds like you had a relaxing week.

    I, too, understand what you are saying. “Too busy actually living life” – here is more like nothing different happens or life is making me too busy with rather dishwater dull everyday business.

    Just curious. How long do Bart’s classes take? When are you moving? Do you have to do the packing, or is a moving company going to do it? Blog about moving, and I’m sure you’ll get flooded with comments. Big help, aren’t I? LOL

  2. I don’t know that too busy living to blog means having an exciting life- for me it often means things like we had to do stupid chores and laundry on a weeknight and stuff like that.

    What have you been reading?

  3. I feel the same way- I blog when I have a bunch of things going on. Then we have nothing going on- and thus, nothing to say!

  4. Agreed. I do not blog a lot lately because I have nothing going on and nothing to talk about. I guess I should get more involved doing things.

  5. “I haven’t had time to post about my life because I’m too busy actually living life”

    Sounds like an excuse! 🙂

  6. So what have you been SNACKING on while you’re reading? And where in Boston would you come? It IS my home…

  7. definitely not too busy to blog.. just too lazy 🙂

    sounds like your summer is off to a great start! by the way.. how did your mom like the pictures?

  8. My take….who give a crap about what other people say…..your blog is one of two blogs (not counting family) that I like to read and check often…that’s it- and I love reading yours because first….I love your book reviews and second, I like the idea that you blog about idea’s and thoughts….and MOST IMPORTANTY they are….UPBEAT! Keep it up!

  9. LOL–I don’t post about my life because I’m too lazy! 🙂 But I always get a little irked when people ask me how I have so much time to blog. First, I don’t. Second, I find the time.

    Sometimes having some downtime is a good thing–I’d really love to have one of those days. Maybe today!

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