Wardrobe Thoughts

When Bart saw Ella wearing this, this morning, he said “Grandma sweater.”

I said, “DARLING. Also, on sale for $4.”

Ella said, “Hey guys, have you seen my neck?”

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  1. I like Ella's comment best. Also, I am with you–that sweater is adorable! I was at Old Navy yesterday with my 30% Give and Get coupon and on the baby clearance rack there was a tiny pair of shorts for 47 cents. But let's not forget that I had a coupon–I paid 33 cents. It was excellent. And I shall feel extra happy about those shorts every time Piglet wears them.

  2. When did she get old enough to sit up in a bumbo? How does that happen?

    I agree with the "darling" view of the sweater. Jeremy and I definitely don't agree on what falls under the "darling" category, however.

  3. Her neck may be missing but that little tongue peeking out is cute, cute, cute! Plus I love little chair she's resting in. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  4. Oh she's adorable! Love the tongue. We tell the Princess to stop flashing her tongue at everyone she meets! And then we coo at her, "Are you showing me your tongue? What a pretty pretty tongue you have!"

  5. Ella is adorable. Like wee Ella my kids rarely showed off their necks. Necks are overrated when you have cute chubby cheeks to show off!
    Love the sweater! Dress her while you can. In several years she'll shudder at the thought of you picking out her clothes for her! Sadly, I'm almost at that point with Missy Moo (who is at the ripe old age of 7).

  6. You failed to mention that I thought she looked cute, too. But I'm biased and tend to always think she looks cute whether she's in jammys, jeans, onesies, Sunday dresses, owl costumes, or Grandma sweaters. Love that baby.

  7. cutest little girl ever. i love the sweet sweater and that no-neck smunchy lovey baby phase. what a darling little expression.

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