Spring, Spring, Spring

It really was breathtakingly beautiful on Saturday.

We’d been planning to go to the aquarium, but when we saw the weather forecast, the idea of wasting such a day inside was too horrible to entertain.

A quick scrounge on the library website informed us that there was a pass for the DeCordova Scuplture Park available for that day. We’d meant to go in the late summer, but ended up not going and then it got too cold. But now the idea of being outside was more than a little appealing.

The pass admitted four people for free and since Bart is a trained accountant, he calculated that this meant we could invite two other people with us. Happily, the couple (and their under-5 and thus free child) we called were instantly amenable.

Bart and I packed a lunch, picked up the library pass, and we were all on our way.




Grass! Not covered in snow! (who cares if it is dead as a doornail?)

And it was a lovely day. The end.

After which, full of sunshine and peanut butter sandwiches, we drove to Rhode Island, found out we were having a girl, and then came home.

And then, as if this hadn’t been a terrific Saturday already, we had Bethany and Casey and Noah over for dinner. I’ve read Bethany’s blog for a while (we have a number of friends in common), so now that they’ve moved to Boston, I am intent on forcing our friendship on them.

They brought chocolate cake with them – you’d think they would know better than to encourage us.

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  1. I can't even tell you are pregnant from these pictures….how far along are you? You look great! I think girls are awesome…of course mine isn't a teen yet….

  2. Mmmm cake.

    It sounds like a lovely weekend indeed.

    My 12 week pregnant self is not standing anywhere NEAR your pregnant self. People would fear that I'd eat you next.

  3. We went to a sculpture garden in Minnesota (they had a free day!) and I totally loved it! There was a giant fork with a giant cherry on it just floating in a lake. I miss places like that. Start preparing the guest room.

  4. The Jackmans are our friends too! (Will went to highschool with them, and they were in our Wymount ward) How fun!
    What a PERFECT day!
    Congratulations on the girl, woohoo!

  5. First of all, are you sure you're pregnant? 😉 (pardon the winky face)

    Secondly, congrats now that you know it's a baby girl! I'm curious to know what you want to name her…

  6. I love that sculpture park! It's fun to wander in… what a GLORIOUS stretch of weather we are in! I'll keep it, thank you.

  7. I still regret not secretly leaving that cake in your house…it has been tempting me ever since! SUCH a fun night, I can't wait to get together again. I love the park photos, it really was such a beautiful day!

  8. Oh how exciting, you look great! And what a wonderful weekend too!

    Enjoy the rest of the week, you've got an awesome blog over here, *I'll be back*


  9. You look great! Yay for a great weekend out of winter. Congrats on the news of a girl! That is wonderful news indeed.

  10. Congratulations! I have to agree w/Lisa on the 12 week eating other people thing. And I am so jealous of the park – haven't found anything like that here!

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