Isn’t Valentine’s Day sometimes a kind of awkward day?

I mean, if you talk about what your lovely significant other did, it can kind of seem like bragging. And guaranteed there is someone in your personal circle of friends who can top it (“and then I looked out the window and there was a new BMW!” or “and then I realized that the card had plane tickets to PARIS in it.” (two million bucks to each reader who can correctly guess if these were my Valentine’s Day gifts or just made-up examples (also, tragically the two million bucks is most definitely made-up)).

But if you write something about what a commercial and pointless holiday it is, it’s easy to read that as “my husband actually doesn’t love me and I’m just pretending to hate the holiday because otherwise I feel like weeping.”

Or maybe I just really overthink everything. Yes, that is a distinct possibility. It’s just hard not to think about when most of the blogs I read and nearly every Facebook update is either a “check out this awesome, show-stopping gift/meal/event” or a “what a ridiculous holiday.”

My favorite story of the year, though, goes to Kayla and her husband:

On the 12th he said, “Hey, isn’t Valentine’s day in two days or something?” I replied that it was. He put his hand on my knee and said, “Happy Valentine’s day.” And that was the extent of it.

I’ll probably be laughing about that all week long. I love those two. 

We did do a fun little Valentine’s Day project with Ella, that I’ll share later this week. You know, if I’m done weeping packing for Paris overthinking.

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  1. Haha we are so non romantic/gifty/etc. Aaron ended up saying "Happy Valentine's Day" to me again this evening and I was impressed. He said it TWICE. That means he really loves me.

  2. SO I really love Valentine's Day and it has absolutely nothing to do with giving or getting a gift from my husband or the romantic commercialized end of it.

    I love the color red, and thus love a day when lots of people are wearing it.

    I'm a word-oriented kind of person, so I really like giving and receiving handmade cards full of the details I love about the people I love. In my family growing up we all made and exchanged valentine's to each other. Now that all but one live out of the house, we mail them to each other. I have four shelves taken up with Valentine's we received at our house today. That's happy.

    And I really like sugar cookies and conversation hearts.

    What's not to love?

    I have no bitterness or disappointment by the fact that my husband didn't remember to make me a valentine. I was just super happy that he got a kick out of my pink waffles for breakfast :).

  3. Agreed!

    I also think that, generally speaking, most people that hate the day are still bitter about sometime in the past when their significant other didn't meet their expectations. So for every Valentine's day after that, it didn't matter what anyone else did, because they got their feelings hurt. Or they always, always compare their day to someone else's and if someone did get tickets to Paris, then their little box of chocolates just makes them think their valentine didn't care…

  4. Good point, this is really a love/hate holiday.

    My single brother took the day off work to deliver flowers for a local florist so he could see people happy on this day.

  5. Yes, it does sometimes come across as braggy! And although we haven't celebrated Valentine's Day since college, I still sometimes wish my husband would surprise me with flowers. That's why, this year, I surprised HIM with dinner and candy and cheesecake. And it was way better than flowers.

  6. Well, I am pretty sure you have already been to Paris, so you can quit your whining, missy. Also, I loved Ella's Valentine's project. Thank you!

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