30+ Easter Basket Ideas for a Man

A few weeks ago, a reader asked for ideas for an Easter basket for men.

When I turned to Instagram for suggestions, I was met with lots of responses like

Please no! We do not need to do this for our spouses!

This should only be a thing if the wife is getting one without any labor on her part

Hubby does not get a basket. It’s not a stocking

So let me go on record as saying that there is absolutely ZERO pressure from me to do an Easter basket for the man in your life. It makes literally no difference whatsoever to me if you do one or not.

But if a mens Easter basket feels fun or delightful for you?

Then here are some good easter basket ideas for a man that I hope you’ll find helpful.

easter basket ideas for a man

easter basket ideas for a man

  • See’s Chocolate Egg. This is basically all I want for Easter. My flavor of choice has been the Bordeaux egg for the past 25 years.
  • A fun soda or other beverage. I love a fun, unusual soda flavor (we have a little grocery store near us that stocks tons of unique flavors!).
  • Beef JerkyYou probably know by now that my all-time favorite beef sticks are the Paleovalley ones – use the code EVERYDAYREADING.
  • Blue Diamond Almonds. This would be a hit at our house – Bart eats almonds virtually every day. Plus there are so many fun flavors to choose from!
  • G2G Bars. These are my all-time favorite protein bars and we always have them in the fridge. Use the code READ for 15% off.
  • Spice rub. With grilling season just around the corner, this is a great time to find some new fun flavors!
  • Protein Powder Sticks. I love the variety pack to try a lot of different flavors without the commitment of a whole bag! Use the code JANSSEN.
  • Gift card to their favorite drink/gas/food places. This is so simple and fun and a great way to spread out the Easter fun.
  • Bombas Socks. These are Bart’s all-time favorite dress socks (and he’s tried a lot!).
  • Green Drink Sticks. Bart drinks these almost every day – his favorite flavor is the Peachy Greens but the variety pack will let you try a bunch of flavors! Use the code JANSSEN.
  • Box CuttersWe SWEAR by these box cutters in our house and have them in virtually every room. They seem dumb until you try one and then you realize you never want to live without them. Also, they’re super cheap.
  • Coconu. One Instagram reader said, “My husband would only want an Easter basket if it was sex related gifts.” If that’s your guy too, Coconu is the best. And . . . that’s all I’m going to say about that.
  • A Family Card Game. I love a game that everyone can enjoy together – here are some of our all-time faves!
  • Reading Light. If you’ve been around these parts for five minutes, you know this neck reading light is my all-time favorite. It’s just SO GOOD. (Plus it’s great for doing handyman type projects where you need good light hands-free, walking the dog at night, working on puzzles or woodworking or any other activity that could benefit from great lighting).
  • Dried Mango Sticks. We discovered these a few years ago and now always have them on hand for hikes and lake days.
  • USB lighter. This thing is a HIT. It’s so simple and affordable and comes in handy all the time.
  • Belt. I got Bart this belt last year and he loved it so much that I gave two to my brother for his birthday. The reviews on this DO NOT LIE.
  • Portable Charger. We did so much traveling last year and a portable charger is a must (to be honest, I use mine at home all the time too because my phone battery is getting worse by the moment).
  • Wireless Headphone Adapter. If you’re on a flight and don’t want to use those cheap headphones they pass out, this handy little gadget lets you connect your wireless earbuds to the TV!
  • Sneaker Eraser. For the guy who hates a dirty shoe, these are huge win!
  • Silicone Ring. Bart has gone through silicone rings every 6-12 months for the last several years so I finally got him this one with a 94 year warranty. He LOVES it and says its the best one he’s ever had.
  • Ear Buds. These are my all-time favorite earbuds – they’re more affordable than AirPods and way more comfortable too. Use the code JANSSEN for 15% off.
  • Frother. We use our frother probably 3-4 times a day at our house. It’s a workhorse and this one is so so good.
  • Mini flashlight. This is one of those handy things you can never have enough of! (It’s a great kid Easter gift too!).
  • Hat. A nice new baseball cap is always a hit (I just ordered this one for Bart) and I loved the suggestion from one reader to use a hat as the Easter basket! Just flip it upside down and tuck the treats and goodies inside!
  • Cologne. I bought Bart this cologne for Christmas and we’ve both loved it. Use the code BRADSHAW20.
  • Meat Thermometer. This is one of those things I lived without for 15 years and then wondered why I made my life so hard. I use this CONSTANTLY.
  • Magnetic Cable TiesIf you hate a mess of cables, these are for you – they’re so sleek and useful!

Any other Easter Basket ideas for a man? I’d love to hear!

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  1. My husband’s easter basket (in all honesty, he’s only getting it in a basket if I find an extra basket laying around the house) is a water gun – so he and our son can have a water gun fight – and a handful of his favorite easter candy. Super simple.

  2. My husband always gets candy, just basic grocery store candy, since he always gives it up for Lent. And maybe something else he has told me he wants…this year we bought each other coordinating everyday sneakers…because we are cool like that. Hahahaha.

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