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I haven’t felt very inspired this week – it’s been a long cold heap of days; the kind where you don’t take your jacket off inside and you wear long johns even though the only “outdooors” you intend to encounter is the five yards from your front door to your car. Also, it’s been so gray. Sun, could you come out again? (Apologies to any readers who live somewhere that is actually cold. You may dismiss this posts with a little “pfff; as if she knows about cold”).

I also may be grumpy because Bart and I have played 7 games of Ticket to Ride in the last two days and I’ve lost 6 of them. I still can’t decide if it’s worse to just barely lose (our last game we were only 2 points apart) or to get slaughtered. Opinions?

Also, we watched the whole first season of Lost in the last 10 days and while it is no 24, it is an enjoyable show. Alas, the second season isn’t due back to the library until the 28th. We’re going through withdrawals (not as bad as Charlie did, though). After now getting through five season of Smallville, 5 seasons of 24, 2 seasons of House, many many episodes of Gilmore Girls, and several episodes of Remington Steele, Bart and I are sure we will never again be able to watch anything with commercials. (Any other shows that are must sees?)

Whew, what a total bunch of random things. Welcome to my life.

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  1. I adore Pushing Daisies. It’s fun because it’s very different from anything on T.V. currently and has the kind of straight faced humor that I LOVE!

    Plus, I think it’s better to lose by just a couple points. It’s not fun playing and getting slaughtered. This is why I hate playing Scum.

  2. I prefer being slaughtered and having it being my fault. You know the days when you try a new strategy or new route and then end up negative? I feel good about those.

    We love Stargate SG-1 & Stargate Atlantis. We’re obsessed. And recently we’ve watched Seasons 1 & 2 of Eureka. Awesome show. Still sci-fi, cool technology, funny like you would’ve believe. We’re waiting to watch 24 season 3 until we have a couple of days to devote. That shows sucks you in.

  3. Agreed–feeling like your hands are tied behind your back throughout a game is miserable. And yes, Pushing Daisies is brilliant.

    So disappointed that there will probably never be a time when we run into you guys again. We’d love to play some board games. (Cities and Knights is where it’s at, seriously, but the European Ticket to Ride is great too.)

    I’m just excited that it’s getting light again. I think that if it weren’t for the holidays, my soul would freeze around Dec. 20th.

  4. You MUST watch “The Office”. I’m serious. People told me that forever, and I didn’t listen, and then when I finally listened, I couldn’t believe what fun I was missing.
    And I’d rather get slaughtered. Then I don’t have to think about all the little things that if I just would’ve done I would’ve won.

  5. Barely losing is worse. Rick Springfield had a line in one of his songs, “I’d rather miss by a mile than by the skin of my teeth.”


  6. I agree…The OFffice is a must! We even will volunteer to host an Office Marathon for an entire week (or however long it takes) to watch the first 3 seasons. The thing about the Office though is that you almost have to watch a few to get into it. Once you get to know the characters then them doing nothing or even just looking at the camera funny seems hilarious…you’ll see what I mean. So what do you say…Office Marathon?

  7. Pfff is right! Though I can’t complain–we do have sunshine today. Yay! And I have to third the Office. We watched the first two seasons on DVD a few months ago and now we love it even more than we did before.

  8. I am JUST starting the first season of LOST today and i’m mildly excieted. I’ve heard great things so we’ll see! I feel the same about commercials. It pretty much ruins whatever you’re watching.

  9. I’m with you on the commercials thing. We are spoiled from having watched so many series on DVD. I can hardly watch anything real time anymore and have to at least record it so I can zoom through the commercials. Even that seems annoying though.

  10. We are currently making our way through the Office. Its satire is a little over the top, but totally addicting once you acclimate (sp?). Plus episodes are only 30 minutes so its a good one when you don’t have as much time.Oh…I just realized that i am the 4th to say this. Oh well, I already typed it.

  11. I’ll put in another plug for The Office it’s hilarious. Also I would HIGHLY recommend saving a season for when you’re a new mom. I’m not kidding it’s so nice to be able to watch a show every time you’re trapped sitting in the day or the middle of the night. Ashton is now 2 months & I am proud to say I am on the 5th season of Gilmore Girls. It was the best motherly advice I ever got!

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