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My Favorite Things to Do In Las Vegas

I grew up in Las Vegas and my parents still live there, so we visit fairly often.

Every time I mention that we’re there, people ask for my best recommendations for things to in Las Vegas and my first answer is . . . “swim in my parents’ pool.”

But over the years, we’ve found some favorite places to eat and fun places to go when we visit – if you’re visiting Las Vegas and looking for fun things to do, here are some of my favorites:

things to do in las vegas

things to do in las vegas

  • Seven Magic Mountains. This is a free, outdoor art installation a few miles outside of town. When my sister and I were in Las Vegas with our kids over spring break, we took them there and it was a great little afternoon outing with lots of room for little kids to run around!
  • Bellagio Arboretum. This is probably my #1 favorite thing to do in Las Vegas – it changes seasonally and each installation is absolutely spectacular with a million gorgeous little details. I’ve been dozens of times and it never gets old.
  • Cafe Gelato at the Bellagio. When we’re at the Bellagio, I always try to make time for a stop at Cafe Gelato where they have probably my all-time favorite cinnamon roll. Ask for it to be warmed up and then savor every bite. (Their cookies are also terrific!).
  • Bellagio FountainsAnd, of course, you can’t miss the iconic Bellagio fountains. They really are spectacular and one of my favorite things to see in Vegas.

things to do in las vegas

  • Xiao Long DumplingsIf you love a good soup dumpling, this is the place for you! It’s in Las Vegas’ Chinatown and it’s terrific (frankly, everything we’ve had here has been excellent!).
  • No. 1 Boba Tea. This is right next door to Xiao Long, inside the mall, and their boba slushes are unreal. The mango passionfruit is our fave!
  • Sul & Beans. Just across the street from Xiao Long and No. 1 Boba Tea, this Korean shave ice place is A+. My brother introduced us to it and now we visit almost every time we’re in Las Vegas!
  • Hiking at Red RockIf the weather isn’t beastly hot, we’ve hiked at Red Rock for years and years. There are lots of hikes of varying degrees of difficulty and we love going with my parents and the kids.
  • Discovery Children’s Museum. We had annual passes to the original children’s museum when I was a child. This new one is WAY better and my girls love going to visit when we’re in Las Vegas!
  • The High Roller at the LinqI’ve been on a lot of observation wheels and this might be my favorite – it really feels like a party with the music and my girls LOVED dancing in it. Fun for the whole family or just adults.
  • Downtown Container Park. This is a great spot to grab a bite to eat and play on the massive play structure!
  • Tacos El Gordo. This is a newer spot for us and DANG it is good. Don’t miss the quesadillas which have such good melty toasted cheese.
  • The Neon Museum. I did a tour of this a few months ago with some friends and it was SO COOL. Definitely recommend going at night when everything is lit up.

things to do in las vegas

Any other favorite things to do in Las Vegas? I’d love more recommendations!


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  1. We love springs preserve! And pinball hall of fame is pretty fun too. For food tacos el Gordo is the best but we also like Frijoles and Fresca for tacos. My husband loves Dirt Dogs too.

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