The $5 (or less!) Gift Guide – 2013 Edition

Putting together this $5 gift guide every year is seriously one of my favorite things. I love online shopping, and I REALLY love a bargain. Also, I almost never make an online purchase without consulting Kayla first, so working on this together every year is just pure fun.
5 dollar christmas gifts
It’s amazing how many 5 dollar Christmas gifts you can find that are still great things to give (you can check out the 2011 guide and the 2012 guide too).
And if you’re looking for stocking stuffers, these are great options too. When I see a stocking stuffer guide with items that are $25 or less, I think, “These people get (or give) way better stockings than I do.”
(As usual, I highly recommend going through Ebates if you’re going to do some online shopping, since it’ll show you a bunch of coupons for any given store, plus you get anywhere from 2% to 10% of your purchase price back in cash).
5 dollar christmas gifts

5 dollar christmas gifts

1. Long Party Candles ($3.50 for 12) – I love these alternatives to standard birthday candles. They come in a whole host of colors and ship for free. If I were attending a favorite things party this year (missing the annual Texas one. . . ), this is what I would take. I guess I’ll just have to order some for myself instead.

2. Sidewalk Chalk ($2.99 for a 9 pack) – My girls are sidewalk chalk fiends (Ella draws with it, Ani tries to eat it). We can never have enough of it.

3. Tulle Skirt for Little Girls ($5.99) – I’m sorry, but this is darling. It also comes in pink and white, but the gold is my favorite.

4. Hankies ($4.99 for 6) – These are listed as being for men, but I think they’d be a great gift for a woman too.

5. Keychain Measuring Tape ($4.98) – Top of my list for an inexpensive gift for men. Or for me.

6. Hand-crank Flashlight ($6.99) – Doesn’t need batteries. Enough said. (Okay, one more thing. How great is that color?)

7. Hairbows ($5) – I know it looks like a bowtie. But it’s actually a hairbow. Next time I’m at the store, I’m totally picking a set of these up.

8. Citrus Reamer ($2.79) – My juicer is tiny and inefficient, and this is also much cuter.

9. Coarse Kosher Salt ($1.00) – All recipes are salted something or other, so some coarse salt is always useful. I have a huge box of the Morton variety in my pantry, but you can also get fancy with pink sea salt and whatever from the bulk section of most grocery stores.

10. Earphone Winder ($4.95) – How cute are these? Cannot tell you how many times I am irritated by my headphones ending up in a giant wad of knots. And I love the cute animals.

5 dollar christmas gifts

11. Twig Pencils ($7.25) – I am not at ALL artistic (seriously, I can hardly draw a straight line), but I love these so much. Just using them to write a grocery list would make me happy.

12. Headband ($7.47) – I like that this one has wire in it to help keep its form and also so it’s not slipping off your head all the time. I think I’m finally ready to jump on the headband train.

13. Map Tacks ($1.98) – Am I the only one who loves push pins? I have tons of them.

14. Lunch Box ($4.99) – I think a lunchbox is the most useful thing ever (and a great way to avoid waste).

15. Memo Clips ($11.04 for 12) – A cute way to display pictures on a bookshelf or hold cards or notes on your desk. Not that the post-its-all-around-your-monitor look isn’t a good one.

16. Stamp Pens ($5.99 for 8) – Looking at these makes me desperately miss having an IKEA 10 minutes away.

17. Patterned Paper Straws ($4.50 for 25) – My mom bought me a couple of sets of these for my birthday and they just make EVERYTHING look darling.

18. Chalkboard Labels ($3.99 for 12) – I’ll admit that I don’t much care for chalkboard (because chalk gives me the creeps), but I know I’m alone in this. These are a fun way to label containers, gifts, and drinks.

19. Knit Beret ($15.00) – This year, I’ve really started warming up to hats. It’s time to start wearing some winter ones.

20. Mini Cheese Slicers ($6.99) – This makes me want to have a cheese party. But then, what DOESN’T make me want to have a cheese party? (Actually, why share? I’ll just sit alone in my kitchen and eat all the cheese). If you live near an IKEA this one is $2.49!

And now go check out Kayla’s list for the other 20 suggestions and my other lists of 5 dollar Christmas gifts!


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  1. Dude, I could use that flashlight. And I just sent the link to the chalkboard labels to a friend who is looking for something similar! 🙂

  2. Seriously, I love this more every year. Also, must have a cheese party when we next see each other (except maybe hide it all from the husbands/babies?).

  3. OK, you put me to shame with this list. I didn't even think of going down to $5 because … jeez, it feels like everything costs more than $5! I just did a $10, $15 and $20 gift guide.

    Also, I'm with you on the stocking stuffers. My favorite (for adults) is a $1 scratch-off lottery ticket.

  4. Mini cheese slicers!! I want!! (And they don't sell them online…which means I must venture to the World Market, stat!)


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