Summer should mean vacation

When it comes time to vacation, I always feel conflicted. Do I want to go somewhere new and exciting or return to somewhere that I loved the last time? We went to Disneyland in the spring with my family, and my brother-in-law said that he’d gone to Disneyland every year for seventeen years in a row. That seems a bit extreme to me, but it also seems extreme to never return to the same location again.

Similarly, I alternate between the kind of vacation I want. Do I want to see everything, take in all the historical/touristy spots, or do I want to just relax, read, sit by the pool, and eat (okay, the eating is never a question – I always want to eat)? Most of my growing up vacations were more the touring type, which I loved, but Bart and I went on a week long cruise last year for our first anniversary and WOW, did I love all the nothing that we did. Also, the eating. But that hardly needs to be said.

It seems like the only thing to do is go on many vacations – some to relax, some to site-see, some to new places, some to old, some with friends, some with family, some alone, something borrowed, something blu. . .wait. Nevermind about those last few.

Can you tell I’m getting antsy to get on a plane?

What kind of vacations do you like best? What’s the best vacation you’ve ever had?

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  1. I like the kind with a smattering of touristy things and a fair amount of relaxation.

    One of my favorites was going to PA with Gibbs and Hogan Molly to see DP. We stayed with DP and his family, saw Gettysburg, did downtown Lancaster and Philly, and hit the beach in Maryland. We got to see a lot of historosity, and it was still a relaxing vacation.

    I also enjoyed doing Canada with Bawb and his family. It was fun to see Chinatown and the Glenbow with him. Also fun to take off and explore Calgary on my own.

    And I always loved camping with my family as a kid, but camping and vacation are two distinctly different things in my mind.

  2. Hands down, our trip to Hawaii with our family when Chelsea returned from her mission. It’s one of the only vacations that we’ve had that wasn’t a camping trip! I agree with the former post, “camping and vacation are two distinctly different things”!

  3. My favorite vacation was 10 days I spent in Hawaii, bumming around on the beach. I did a little touristy stuff, but mostly I sat with my toes in the sand and my nose buried in a book. It was heaven.

    On the other hand, I’ve been to San Francisco eight times since October – and I can’t get enough of the museums and the Golden Gate Bridge… so – I suppose it’s a toss up on the style of vacation I like best.


  4. it seems like most of my vacations center around weddings. wedding in rural michigan? I’m there. wedding on the jersey shore? guess I’m there too! So I don’t usually have much choice. However if I had my choice, I think one vacation on the top of my list is to drive the california coast.

    I like to balance out doing nothing but not being totally bored. I can only handle so many days of laying on a beach or by a pool, but I also don’t like to sightsee for days on end either.

  5. I love history trips–I went to D.C. two summers ago with my friend and it was SO amazing for me to see all these things that played such a huge part in our nation’s history. I’d love to do church history tours and go see ruins in Europe and all that. That sounds even more fun to me (if possible) than a relaxing resort trip.

  6. I enjoy vacations in the mountains so I can hike and bike ride. Of course I do lots of reading in a quiet and beautiful setting when I’m not hiking or cycling. We usually go somewhere in Colorado and stay at a lodge in order to avoid the camping bit. I agree with others — camping is a whole other thing!

  7. I would like to visit more places but when you have young children sometimes you just want to relax. Maybe when they are older. For now, we go to the beach every year. (The same beach but not always the same condo). Plus those nice vacations cost a lot of money usually if you do them right. Another reason to wait, I guess.

  8. I was never able to relax in the past – even on vacation. So now that I can, I usually go for something like that.

    My favorite was when we rented a cottage (not something mainstream) on the outskirts of a fairly tourist town. There were things to see and do, but also the solace of getting out of the city and enjoying some quiet time alone.

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