Stuck On Time

Time has been on my mind a lot in recent days. I’m constantly counting hours to see how long Ani slept or if she’s ready to eat again. Ella has a new (hideous) clock in her room so that she knows when she can get up from a nap or in the morning and is always asking me to watch the numbers change with her.

And I find myself using Gretchen Rubin’s mantra “I have plenty of time” when I start to feel rushed on a project or errand. I’m trying to get better about just doing what I can instead of thinking, “Ella is going to wake up any minute so instead of putting in ten minutes on this project and having ten minutes of it accomplished, I’ll just waste time instead.”

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite time-related (however loosely) items at the moment:


  1. Snack time! A combination of Bart working a lot, my goal to only eat 2
    desserts a week, and many afternoons at home to accommodate Ani’s naps
    means Ella and I are trying a lot of new healthy-ish snacks. And these paleo chocolate chip cookies from Hellobee were fantastic.
  2. I printed off these free calendars from Tom Kat Studio to use for my blog (it was getting a little chaotic to keep track of things in my head), and it makes me happy every time I open up my binder.
  3. I am really into rose-gold right now, and I absolutely love this watch. I haven’t been much of a watch wearer since I stopped working full-time, but this one might convince me to take it up again.
  4. 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think. I checked this out of the library recently (it was one of the books in the Happier at Home bibliography) and I’m looking forward to reading it. You know me and non-fiction. Cannot stop.
  5. Thyme. Oh I know. So bad. But don’t these spinach and artichoke stuffed mushrooms look amazing?
  6. When we bought Ella’s previously mentioned clock, I was astonished at how ugly most clocks are. This clock, though, is pretty awesome. I’m considering trying to DIY one. Our bathroom could really use a clock.

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  1. I like the theme too! Definitely one that is on my mind a lot as well. And that clock is so cute – I bet you could definitely DIY it somehow.

  2. I love all of your posts. Thank you for that link to the calendars! I always end up drawing some by hand because I can't find any simple (yet pretty) enough to print out. Also, relating to a recent post of yours, I just finished listening to Bringing Up Bebe and loved it. It was fun to hear all the French accents!

  3. So with you on the time thing…

    And I love that UO clock! Definitely worth a DIY…might have do one myself for B's playroom!

  4. That watch!!! It's on my list of things I NEED TO HAVE THIS YEAR!!! Seriously, I look at it probably 20 times a day I'm just having a hard time forking over the money. I'm a five dollar kinda girl…

  5. We have a cool clock for Groovy Girl that shows time because she's ridiculously great at losing track of time. The mushroom caps look amazing and I love how you threw in thyme! Clever girl you are.

  6. Cute time theme! I have a rose gold watch similar to that one, and I absolutely love it. I was not a watch-wearer until my husband bought me mine, and now I don't leave the house without it. I highly recommend it!

  7. For as much as I hate counting hours, I love watches and clocks. I'd be that crazy lady with a wall full of clocks (although, no cuckoos) if I had the money and the drive to actually hang things on my walls.

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