Reading Schedule for The Secrets of Happy Families

it’s time for May’S Book: THE SECRETS OF HAPPY FAMILIES by Bruce Feiler

This is the perfect book to read while most of us are spending a LOT of time with our families and probably will be for the next several months.

Plus, it’s a positive and engaging read (I got a bunch of worried emails asking if it was going to make them feel guilty about their parenting or if it’d be super boring – I promise it’s neither!)

Each Wednesday, starting on May 6th, I’ll be chatting about one section of the book on InstaStories and then saving them all to a highlight so you can visit them whenever you’re ready.

Here’s what the May reading/discussion schedule looks like:

  • May 6: Introduction & Chapters 1-3
  • May 13: Chapters 4 – 6
  • May 20: Chapters 7 – 10
  • May 27: Chapters 11 – 13

Grab a copy – I have a whole list of places to get a copy for free or super cheap here – and get ready to dive in!

And you can read my review of it here if you’d like a little peek at what you’re getting yourself into

I’m so delighted that you’re part of the Everyday Reading Book Club!

Happy reading!


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