Putting Aside My Pride for One Brief Moment

When I put up the pictures from our San Francisco trip (a trip I plan to write about in detail until you want to throw up), my mom emailed me telling me how lovely I looked in all the pictures.

Which, well, of course I did, because I only put up the flattering ones. I did not, for instance, put up this picture:

Hello, double chin. I can’t believe they didn’t make us buy a third ticket to Alcatraz for you.

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  1. You know what though, that’s really not fair because even your “not postable” pictures are cute. Mine still sit…in the computer….dying (I hope).

  2. Easily the hottest picture of you I’ve ever seen. I absolutely love you for not being perfect. Even if it’s a lousy attempt at a 2nd chin.. ym 3rd and 4th are way bigger.

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