And the Living Is Easy

It is definitely starting to feel like summer (this may have something to do with the fact that our AC is broken and the inside of our house is hovering at 87 lovely degrees).

Summery things we’ve done this week:

– I went to a luau party (see ridiculous pictures)

– We went to a pool party/barbecue. Yum. And yum again to the s’mores we made.

– I started summer school on Thursday.

– We ate otter pops this afternoon.

But the thing that makes it feel by far the most like summer is the fact that I have five mosquito bites on my right arm, two on my left leg, and three on my right leg. Welcome, summer. Now go away.

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  1. Fish are jumpin’ and the grass is high out here in Columbus. SO sorry about your a/c. I’ll think cool thoughts for you.

  2. Those mosquitos love Dave too. I, on the other hand, have toxic blood I suppose because they never really bug me. Ha!

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