Neon Toddler Pants

I wish I were the kind of parent who didn’t care what my children wore in public. But. . . I do. I have never been, and sadly, will probably never be the kind of mother who dresses my children fabulously (Ralphie’s children? Always look like a million dollars. Mine look more like ten dollar bills, clothing-wise), but I try to keep them looking decently well-dressed.

Things have definitely taken a turn for the worse since currently Ella is all about picking out her own clothing. She will not be convinced to wear something else, no matter how many other things I suggest.

A couple of weeks ago, she came out of her bedroom wearing such a HIDEOUSLY ugly outfit that I laughed until I cried. And since then, she’s been saying, “Remember when you laughed at dat supa ugly outfit?” It’s almost as if she’s proud of how horrible her clothing choices are.

Yesterday’s was truly atrocious. It physically pained me to take her into storytime looking like this.

Ani probably gets the better end of this deal because it makes me much more contentious about dressing her so that it’s obvious I DO know how to dress a child at least in semi-matching clothing.

And have you noticed that the day you dress your child really nicely, they immediately spill or spit up on themselves? But let a child dress themselves, and that outfit will stay pristine (and hideous) all day long. I should go into the business of writing fortunes for cookies, or something.

At least I still get to dress myself.

Shirt: Shade, Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Payless

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  1. "Dat supa ugly outfit?" Hahaha. Ella is such a dear. Your outfit, on the other hand, is supa cute!

    P.S. I just the post to your mom and cried because I am a big baby.

  2. I used to care more with my first daughter, but sadly by the time the third daughter came around, I had given up. All my girls have definite ideas about what they should wear – and those ideas usually don't match mine. I do view it as part of their personality, though, and I love seeing my students at school when they dress themselves.

  3. When my son was two, we once went shopping with him wearing shorts, rain boots and a kid sized tricorn hat. He is eight now and spent most of the winter wearing shorts. My daughter, who is six, is in a faze where she wants to wear all her jewelry at once. She looks like a sparkly version of Mr T. With braids.

    I care not one bit. Clothes are something I do not fight about.

  4. it's good for her to dress herself! teaches her to validate her choices, gives her confidence- it's what I tell myself when hailyn comes downstairs in a snowman sweatshirt, cowgirl boots and shorts. And yes we go to the store in that monstrocity. I smile. Other moms give me the nod- they get it 🙂 It's not like we are going to a ball we are going to grab some milk so eh. At least when they are babies they wear what we want them to 🙂

  5. My 3 year old has been dressing herself since she was about a year and a half. It's hard to get her to change her mind, but she does pretty well, usually. Some days she looks super cute and I always think "I could never have put that outfit together." She definitely has more fashion sense than me.

    And then there are the days when we're going out into the public I have to tell both my girls to go put on pants without holes in the knees…

  6. Sometimes if I'm really lucky I can let Ike pick a shirt, and while he struggles to put it on I can choose some pants or shorts and get them on him before he realizes he didn't get to choose what to put on his lower half.

    But usually he just looks homeless. As long as there is some sort of picture on his shirt, he's happy.

  7. I insisted on dressing myself from a fairly young age. My mom used to send me to preschool with notes that said "Carrie dressed herself this morning" (as if the teachers couldn't tell from my plaid skirt/striped shirt combos!) At 16 months, we still get to pick out Frances' outfits, but I'm sure that will be changing soon enough. I'm trying to enjoy it while I can.

  8. Some of the sweetest memories of my little girls happened when they dressed themselves. You're a good mom for letting her gain her independence. Take LOTS of pictures! You'll treasure them. And she will learn a little more about her younger personality when she's older.

  9. The days when my 3.5 yr old daughter dresses herself in the most ridiculous outfits, is when she gets the most compliments on how cute she is.

  10. Gotta chime in and say how much I love it when you quote Ella in perfect toddler-speak. It makes my heart all squishy to remember when mine were so little!!!

  11. At least she's covered. I see too many little girls in short skirts and revealing tops than is necessary. I don't have kids, but clothing is definitely a battle I will choose. I'd rather they be mismatched then revealing everything on the playground.

  12. I think the pants are kinda cool. Pair those with some black and white stripes, Ella, and you're styley, I say. Besides, everyone's looking at your ADORABLE FACE!

  13. Kalena has a couple things that she LOVES (hand-me-downs from a cousin) that just make me cringe every time she wears them. Which, of course, is every time they're clean. One is a neon green ruffled skirt, the other is a pair of bright pink capri length leggings with a black floral print. Obviously she also picks shirts that don't match AT ALL. Because what else would she wear?

  14. Dearest girl, I read the first line and my first thought was "that's because she doesn't have boys!"

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