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I’ve always liked online shopping, but now that I have children, I REALLY like online shopping.

(Also, Ella’s bedroom is right above the garage door and if it opens or closes after she falls asleep, she will wake up screaming and come flying down the hall. So I have to be pretty serious about leaving the house after she’s in bed for that whole drama to be worth it).

One online shop I’ve recently become enamored with is Willa Kate & Co. (when I’m online shopping? I don’t want forty thousand items to sift through. I just want a reasonable-sized collection of excellent things (what you want when you read a blog post? Probably less parentheses)).

They asked me to put together a little collection of some of my favorite things from their shop, which was really delightful.

I did it while I was in Cincinnati, and it was like heaven to lock myself in the little business center at the hotel and recharge my introvert batteries. And yes, that means I was using the hotel’s computer because I live in the dark age and work on a desktop rather than a laptop. I just can’t give up a real keyboard and massive screen quite yet.

I themed my picks around a fall day in the kitchen, so most of the items in the collection are accessories for chilly days or baking-related (this little cupcake pedestal? I die).

And, it’s also starting to get reasonably chilly around here – most days I can actually wear a sweater and boots the whole day (although on Monday, I put on tights and then twenty-five minutes later had to admit defeat. I drew the line at wearing sandals, but I could have. Ella has no such qualms and happily wore her sandals to the park).

Shirt: Lands End Canvas // Sweater: Old Navy // Jeans: Target
Boots: JCPenny // Necklace: c/o Willa Kate & Co

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  1. Last Christmas I first got into online shopping, but I tell you. Even with kids, I'd rather shop in person. I have way less buyer's remorse.

  2. Are you wearing two different shirts in those pictures? I really like the collared one and was hoping that's the one from land's end? thanks!

    1. I wondered if anyone would catch that! The collared shirt is the one from Land's End.

      (The other one is from Shade – I could NOT get a good picture of the necklace with my tripod, so I had to make my husband take a few the next day and by that time, my Land's End shirt had been baby-slimed).

  3. I love online shopping. It is my best friend at Christmastime especially! (I also love your sweater– one of my absolute favorite colors!)

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