Life’s Big Mysteries

Some questions in life do not need to be answered. One of those questions is:

“If a 94 cent bottle of nail polish is dropped from a height of approximately two and a half feet, how far will it splatter in every direction?”

Let me tell you, friends, you do not want to know that answer. I unfortunately am now the vessel of that knowledge. Fortunately, I did not do it in my own home, where I would have had to cry and whine and clean it up myself. Instead, I dropped it approximately 1.576 seconds after purchasing it at Target, where the nice checkout girl said “don’t worry about it; go get another one and we’ll clean it up.” I love that girl. Of course, then I discovered that the smashed bottle was, in fact, the only bottle of that particularly color in the entire store. Alas. But, one can hardly complain when you waltz out the door while someone mops up your mess behind you.

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  1. Much better that it happened at Target. I’ve had red nailpolish drip onto pale gray carpet… not a pretty sight!

  2. Oooohhh … red nail polish spill. Glad you didn’t have to try and clean that up!

    Completely unrelated, but I couldn’t think of anyone else who might be as happy for me … I’ll be in Arizona this week and found out that Shannon Hale will be doing a book signing near where I will be on Tuesday night! How cool is that?? I’m hoping to get over to the bookstore where she will be and get a signed copy of one (or two) of her books :o)

  3. Oh, gee. I recently dropped a bottle of wine at Publix. There I am standing in a pool of Chardonnay hoping someone will come rescue me (and they did) and yes I had picked up the last 2 bottles of this brand.

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