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What I Keep in My Travel Belt Bag

This past year, whenever we’ve traveled, this leather belt bag has been my constant companion.

leather belt bag

It’s sleek looking, easy to wipe down if needed, holds all my necessities without being bulky, and is comfortable for 12+ hours of daily wear (my code for the bag is JANSSEN).

It has one main pocket, a small back zipper pocket, and a front magnetic clasp front pocket. The main pocket has three pockets inside as well – two side by side ones (great for chapstick or small items) and one larger one on the opposite side that can fit a small wallet.

Here’s what I keep inside my leather belt bag when I travel.

leather belt bag

What I Keep in My Travel Belt Bag

  • My phone. I use a Loopy case so it’s a bit bigger of a case and it still fits inside the front flap pocket or (most of the time) in the main pocket.
  • A cell phone charger. I took this one to Paris and it’s a total workhorse, but it’s a bit big and heavy (although still fits in my bag along with a cord), so I just upgraded to one of these smaller ones which also won’t require an extra cord!
  • My sunglasses. I never leave the house without my sunglasses, so you can certainly imagine I’m NEVER traveling without them. My favorite sunglasses are this pair.
  • My wallet. I use the small wallet from Maedn (the same brand as my leather belt bag – my code JANSSEN will work on that too). I keep this in the back zipper pocket that’s against my body which keeps it safer from pickpockets.
  • Lip balm. This is the one I took – I love it so much especially when my lips get dry from changing climates (my code is BRADSHAW20).
  • My Kindle. I don’t take my Kindle with me every day when we’re traveling – in Japan, I took it every day because we were riding so many trains and there was a lot of time to sit and read, but in Paris I only took it with me the two days we did day trips out to Versailles and Giverny. I have a basic Kindle with a case on it and it fits very neatly into my leather belt bag.

leather belt bag

I love that it keeps me hands-free, that it’s close to my body so I don’t have to worry as much about pickpockets and that it’s not super heavy!

I’m sharing a little video tour of it on Instagram if you want to check that out and see it in action!

And if you have any questions about this leather belt bag or what I take (or don’t take!) with me during the day as we travel, leave a comment and I’m happy to help!


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