Everything You Should Know about Kindle Rewards

Have you heard about Amazon’s new program called Kindle Rewards?

Kindle Rewards is a pretty straightforward rewards system where you earn points for purchases – similar to how a Starbucks or ice cream shop rewards program works.

It’s currently in Beta so you may not be seeing it yet, but if you DO have it, it’ll look like this when you look at a book on Amazon.

kindle rewards

You might be wondering what you can use Kindle points for – it’s pretty simple! You earn 5 points per dollar you spend on Kindle books and 2 points per dollar that you spend on print books (you’ll see the 29 points above under the Hardcover option of the book).

There’s also the option to complete bonus offers (you can click here to see if you’re being offered any bonuses) and earn more Kindle rewards points. So far, I haven’t seen any bonuses, but I’m keeping an eye on it!

And then, you get $3 for every 300 points you earn. You’ll redeem those Kindle Rewards points for a Kindle book voucher and then you can use them to buy . . . you guessed it. More Kindle books!!

kindle rewards

If you’re much of an ebook reader at all, Kindle Rewards is a terrific program – since it lets you rack up points for the purchases you’re already making.

It’s free and you don’t need to do anything to sign up. If Kindle Rewards HASN’T been rolled out to you, there’s not a lot you can do to hurry it along (and since it’s a Beta program, there is always the possibility that Amazon will cut it entirely and not keep it going long term) although you can sign up for the email list here and they’ll alert you to changes in the program.

amazon kindle rewards

If you’ve started using Kindle Rewards or are seeing it in your account already, I’d love to hear what you think about it! And if you have any questions about how Kindle Rewards works, I’m happy to help! Let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer.

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  1. I have loved this rewards program because it is so easy to use. I basically don’t have to do any except remember to cash in on my points before I buy another e-book.

    1. I have been using Kindle Rewards and LOVE IT! I think I’ve actually bought more books since using it. 🙂

      1. I find it a stingy program designed in collusion with the Big 5 publishers. Before 8-10 dollars an ebook was normal. Now it is more like12-15 dollars for digital information. I get the 3 bucks off after overpaying for what once cost 8-10 dollars. I hope Scribd crushes Amazon. I have found their 84 dollar a year subscription nets me 25-30 ebooks and audiobooks. Amazon has a better selection. Bezos is the 2nd. richest guy, so why doesnt he reward readers with fair prices. The paperback killed the hard cover and an ebook cant even be shared or resold. It should kill the paperback to the tune of 5-8 dollars, which is about what real used books cost anyway.

        1. I keep getting points added and notices that points are about to expire ( I read a lot) but have never found a way to apply them to a purchase. Pretty irritating—also NOWAY to ask Amazon a question about anything.

    2. Hi! I can’t figure out how to use my kindle points. I go to My Kindl rewards and hit the button marked use your points but it never seems to show up on my purchase. What do I do to get the $3 off??

  2. Just checked using the link you provided. My bonus offer is for a Kindle punch card. Spend $10 on kindle in the next 6 days and earn an extra 200 pts

  3. I have been using the beta rewards program, and I love it! I’ve gotten $3 off so many books already. I’m about to cash in more points to get more books soon.

  4. Thanks for the reminder and the clarification. Just got a Kindle book I wanted to read for $1.74. Had no idea it was that cheap until I checked it because of this blog post. Thanks!

  5. I’ve been using the reward program for quite some time now. I’ve gotten money off my purchases so what’s not to like.

  6. I was searching for something that shows the expiration date of my rewards points. I know the policy but that doesn’t tell me the actual date since I don’t know when the points were earned. I accidentally touched the screen and next thing I knew the screen said I had just redeemed my points. I don’t want to redeem them yet. How does one UNDO an accidental screen touch? And where can one find the expiration date of the points? They don’t make it easy. Do they want people to lose or waste their points?

  7. Right now, I pay for all Amazon purchases with an Amazon credit card, and get a percentage on that as Rewards Points, that I can use for anything I purchase at any time. I enrolled in this Kindle Points program, then realized I’m not sure I want it. Do I get Kindle Points INSTEAD OF Rewards Points, or IN ADDITION to Rewards Points? If the Kindle Points are replace the Rewards Points, how do I unenroll from Kindle Points?

    1. I’m a little confused by the reward system. Can I use my 72 points that I have now or do I need to wait until I get 300 points? Thank you!

  8. I have been using the Kindle rewards for quite a while. I had not realized until today it was not available to everyone. I read pretty much every single day. Only when I am sick is my reading affected. Reading is breathing for me personally. I love this program be wise I know I buy more books as a result. I am often switching between reading 2-3 books. The rewards program makes it so much more financially possible. I sincerely hope that Amazon does not abandon this program. I know I would have to watch my spending on books and that the$3 I get to apply for each new purchase would add up to a decrease in what I buy.

  9. I must be stupid… I’ve googled and searched and I still can’t find my kindle rewards balance! Can you help me please??!

    I see where I’m earning them, but can’t tell where they end up or how to see balance or change to voucher.

  10. I agree with one of the other commenters. It’s a pretty stingy program. You have to purchase $60 worth of Kindle content to get $3 off your next book. I have Kindle Unlimited, so I only buy a book or two each month. The points expire so quickly I rarely get to 300 points. I’m always on the threshold. So, I basically have to buy two books to save any money: one to get to 300 points and another to use the $3 credit. When the program first started, I always got notices about “buy a book and get 200 points”. I accumulated points quickly back then. I haven’t seen any of those bonus offers in at least six months. I earn more digital rewards by opting for no-rush shipping on other Amazon purchases. Those credits are good for Kindle book purchases.

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