Who Gets a St. Patrick’s Day Gift?

I’ve mentioned before what an excellent gift-giver my mom is and this year, for St. Patrick’s Day/Easter, she did not disappoint.

Of course, she keeps raising the bar – how can this be topped next year?

Also, you’ll notice that this is yet another day of jeans and a black shirt.

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  1. Cute!

    But help me understand: does everyone in your family exchange gifts for St. Patrick’s Day/Easter? Or is this just a Mom-to-kids thing? Do you know something’s coming every year?

  2. CUTE boots! you’re rockin’ them in your jeans and black shirt! Your boots make your outfit festive! How fun your mom sends you a St. Patricks/Easter gift- that’s awesome!

  3. My mom gives St. Paddy’s gifts, or rather, she used to. For years she’d send my sisters and I green carnations at school…I loved it.

    Also–what city is the subway map from? I absolutely LOVE it!


  4. I saw similar boots in bright yellow & ? at JoAnn's. Thought they were so cute, but I resisted. 🙂 Glad your mom bought some. These seem to be really popular this year.

    As to the black – after Easter I challenge you to wear bright colored tops. You may keep wearing the black jeans. LOL

  5. Your boots are the bomb, but what I really want to say is that I got a hater-comment. I feel like a real blogger now. On the food post. Hee. Hee. I wonder if SHE cooks?

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