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Yes, DC was fantastic. And we took many pictures. Ready? You may need some snacks to get you through.

We arrived Thursday night (in Baltimore), got to our hotel, and watched some 24. And then went to sleep.

In the morning, we took the MARC train into DC and went to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Did you know they only make bills up to $100 now? There are 14 $100,000 bills that were printed long ago for government use only, and of course there were other bills too, but checks and credit cards made those all a bit dated.

Bart with a million dollars

We went to lunch at the cafeteria in the Department of Agriculture (we got name tags and everything) and had bagels. Bart wept a little because my bagel was quite a bit bigger than his.
We visited the Supreme Court. I’d poked my head in last time I went, but this time we actually got to see the main chamber and watch a movie and wander around. I loved it! I’m such a nerd.

We went to Georgetown University and went to an info session for the Masters of Science in Foreign Service. It was, unfortunately, not amazing. We did, though, enjoy sitting on campus and watching the students and walking through the library (Bart took a little nap in the library).

Afterwards, we meandered through Georgetown and down to the C & O canal. It was SO pleasant – perfect temperature and lovely view.
We met up for dinner at a little French restaurant with one of Bart’s friends and his wife and their two little boys. It was a blast (Bart reminded me beforehand to make sure I was talkative and engaging. It’s true – sometimes I don’t enjoy talking to people I don’t know, but I’ve liked nearly all of Bart’s friends that I’ve met in the last three years, so I wasn’t too worried. And they were some of the nicest yet, so it was no problem).

The view from our table at the restaurant.

Our chocolate and banana tart for dessert. Mmmm.

As we were finishing up dinner, I realized we probably wouldn’t make it to Union Station in time to catch the MARC train at 8:40. The next (and last one) was at 10:45, so the two of just sat in the nearly deserted train station and talked. It was actually very enjoyable, even though we were both totally exhausted by the time we got back to Baltimore. We could have taken an Amtrak train at 10:00, but it would have been $32 and we’d already bought our MARC tickets which were non-refundable, so it didn’t seem worth it for a 45 minute time saver.

Union Station!

The next morning (after a breakfast of cinnamon pancakes), we took the bus to DC and went to the National Archives. I’d never been there, and I LOVED it. It was definitely my favorite thing we saw in DC this trip. We saw the Constitution, Declaration, and Bill of Rights, of course, and also the fabulous display about the contents of the National Archives and a temporary exhibit about the educations of the 20th century presidents. Bart also learned that you must go to the gift shop when you go to a historical site and drool over the lovely books and other things that you will not buy because, hello, expensive.

We walked around the Capitol building and took the tour of the Library of Congress. I told Bart I would like our next house to have a reading room of similar size and scope as the LOC’s.
We walked around looking for a place to eat dinner, but stopped to dip our feet in this pool because it was hot outside (DC has not yet arrived at fall, friends).

Is it just me, or do my ankles look non-existent in this picture?

We eventually ended up eating at the Hard Rock Cafe because that’s where Bart’s family always went for birthdays when they were in London and also, I’d never been before. It was a fun time.

We then took the metro to the VERY end of the line where we spent a few hours with Bart’s friends again at their condo. They were lovely. Also, they served us pineapple ice cream, so we are friends for life.

We came back to the hotel, printed off our boarding passes and collapsed in bed. We slept in the next morning and then went to the airport where, as you know, things worked out splendidly.

It was really a fantastic trip. There was lots of time to read and talk and eat at cool places and meet excellent friends and see amazing sites. Despite our rather harried planning, things went very smoothly overall.

Bart has said many times since we returned how impressed he was with DC and how he’d love to live there in the future. Bless him! Those words warm my heart because DC is my favorite city in the US. And after this weekend, it’s even more so.

This was our first trip to do “site-seeing” without seeing family and it was lovely. It was so nice to just be together and explore a new city. We shall be even better prepared for Boston in a few months.

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  1. I loved hearing all about your adventures in all the glorious detail. It sounds like you hit the major spots and got some great meals out of it too!

    Yes your ankles do look non-existent. :)And, I love the picture of you two in front of the capitol building–I’d say it’s framable.

  2. It’s so nice to see how others describe the place I grew up in. Always makes me realize what I have at the tip of my fingers.

    Do you know, when I lived and worked in DC, I drove by many of these places but NEVER visited any of them.
    Shame on me.
    I’m glad you enjoyed the city, too crowded for me.
    Love reading about your journeys!

  3. I love DC!! Thanks for the pictures. I loved the archives, too. It’s totally nerdy but I kept thinking about National Treasure. I love that movie.

  4. Love DC! We were fortunate to live fairly close for 18 mths and made over there twice. The city has such a specific flavor to it. And I love that Bart’s bagel was bigger than yours! AND much better looking I might add. We miss you guys! Can’t wait until next Wednesday.

  5. Marshall and I did DC sightseeing when we were engaged (that’s where his family lives), so this post made me feel all lovey-dovey 🙂 Looks like you guys had a blast!

  6. I remember our first vacation not visiting our families – a big step in a marriage. A great step. Looks like you’ll need a few more of those good steps to regain your ankles, what a funny picture!

  7. oh so many thing to discuss!!

    First, I LOVE all your photos. You have done and seen way more in DC than I have, and I live her! Shame on me.

    Second, what was the name of the French rest. in Georgetown where you ate? Andrew proposed to me on the path of the C&O canal at sunset and then we ate at a little French place. Cafe la Ruche or something? Anyway, it brought back fun memories for me.

    Third…oh I forget. I’m just so glad you had a great trip! You should def move here and then we can be friends in real life. How about it?

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