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The Sweetest Stocking Stuffer: Christmas Photo Books

This post is sponsored by Mixbook, my favorite place to print Christmas photo books and holiday cards! Get 50% off with the code READ50 through Dec 15th.

With all of my children except for Ella, there has been a period where I was completely convinced they hated books.

They’d sit through one page and then dash off or push the book away or try to tear the pages.

Fortunately, they’ve all come through it and I’m pretty sure that all of them would happily listen to 58 books in a row if my voice could hold out that long.

In the last three or four months, Tally has joined the brigade of book lovers in our house, and one of her most often-used phrases is “READ NOW.”

baby photo books

She’ll gather up books from around the house and then stand right next to whichever person she can find and repeat over and over “read now, read now, read now” until you sit down with her.

And of course, the minute you finish the book, she starts insisting “again, again, again.”

Pretty much the only thing she likes better than a book is pictures of herself or other members of the family (she saw my brother-in-law’s wedding announcement on the fridge yesterday after a nap and just about lost her mind with excitement over seeing a photo of two people she loves RIGHT THERE ON OUR FRIDGE).

So when I saw Mixbook’s new DIY story books, I knew immediately one of these Christmas photo books would be the gift for Tally.

I haven’t done baby books for any of my children (I would blame it on having four children and working from home, but I didn’t do it when I had ONE child and didn’t work, so . . . it might be me that’s the problem), but these easy photo books were ones I could get behind.

They have different designs with beautiful illustrations and you just customize them with your child’s name and drop your own photos in.

It literally took me 5 minutes to put it together. I selected about 15 of my favorite photos of Tally and dropped them in and ordered.

And when my Christmas photo book came, I was super impressed.

I was expecting it to be a thin little photo book with pages about a step above printer paper, but the pages on these photo books are somewhere between card stock and a board book page, so little grabby hands can’t rip them to shreds.

And as you turn the pages, they lay almost flat instead of trying to close on you with every page (the 6×6 softcover layflats are only available in the US right now but the 8.5×8.5 available everywhere).

The colors print beautifully (they’re so bright and crisp) and the photos I added look amazing too.

Mixbook photo books

As you can imagine, when I gave Tally a sneak preview for the photos in this post, she just about lost her mind.

She couldn’t stop pointing to all the photos and naming everyone. “Baby! Daddy! Mommy! Baby!”

It was basically the most darling thing ever.

easy photo books

They’re a great size for a stocking stuffers or the perfect “something to read” book under the tree.

I mostly did photos of Tally in mine, but it’d also be really fun to add photos of other family members (grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, etc), especially if you live far away.

I did the Unicorns and Ice Cream design, and they also have a pirate version and one called “My amazing day,” plus a bunch of other ones! You pretty much can’t go wrong with any of them.

The other bonus is that you can get Christmas photo books for 50% off with the code READ50 through Dec 15th.

Since I was already ordering my Christmas cards through Mixbook, it was so quick and easy to add this sweet little photo book to my order and have them all show up at the same time.

I probably need to make one for the rest of my girls now too!

Christmas photo books

Photos by Heather Mildenstein

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